Ryan Braun appeal: Hang Up and Listen on the MVP’s exoneration, Danica Patrick in NASCAR, and the state of the slam dunk.

Slate’s Sports Podcast on Ryan Braun’s Successful PED Appeal

Slate’s Sports Podcast on Ryan Braun’s Successful PED Appeal

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Slate's sports podcast.
Feb. 27 2012 7:14 PM

Hang Up and Listen: The How Reasonable Is Your Doubt Edition

Slate’s sports podcast on Ryan Braun’s successful appeal, Danica Patrick in NASCAR, and the state of the slam dunk.


Illustration by Robert Neubecker.

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In this week’s episode of Slate’s sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Stefan Fatsis, Josh Levin, and Mike Pesca discuss whether the Milwaukee Brewers’ Ryan Braun should have been exonerated of the charge that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Slate culture editor John Swansburg also joins the show to talk about Danica Patrick’s Daytona 500 debut, and Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard comes on to address the state of the slam dunk.

Here are links to some of the articles and other items mentioned on the show:

Ryan Braun won his appeal and will not serve a 50-game suspension for taking a performance-enhancing drug.
In his news conference last week, Braun said baseball’s drug-testing system is fatally flawed.
ESPN’s T.J. Quinn and Mark Fainaru-Wada unravel Braun’s defense.
Jere Longman’s New York Times piece also casts doubt on the Braun PR team’s various contentions.
Quinn and Fainaru-Wada broke the Braun story
back in December.
Tom Haudricourt on who leaked Braun’s positive test.
Sally Jenkins argues that Danica Patrick has already won respect heading into her first Daytona 500.”
The audio feed from Patrick’s car
after she got wrecked in Saturday’s Nationwide race.
Ken Belson’s New York Times piece on NASCAR’s attempt to reclaim its former glory.
Why it’s easier for rookies like Patrick to win the Daytona 500.
Rule changes will lead to more “pack racing” in NASCAR.
The Allison-Yarborough fistfight
at the 1979 Daytona 500.
Kyle Busch intentionally wrecked Ron Hornaday
in a 2011 truck race.
Chris Ballard’s 2008 Sports Illustrated feature on the evolution and the future of the dunk.
Baron Davis’ dunk on Andrei Kirilenko
and Chris Paul’s dunk on Dwight Howard.
A dunk-by-dunk rundown
of the 2012 NBA dunk contest.
’s history of the dunk contest.The 1976 ABA dunk contest, featuring Dr. J from the free-throw line.
Kevin Durant says LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and other stars need to save the dunk contest.
Jack McCallum’s 1986 SI piece suggesting various rule changes to fix basketball.

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