Hang Up and Listen on Team USA's stirring Women's World Cup win, ballpark fatalities, and locked-out NBA players going overseas.
Hang Up and Listen on Team USA's stirring Women's World Cup win, ballpark fatalities, and locked-out NBA players going…
Slate's sports podcast.
July 11 2011 5:39 PM

Hang Up and Listen: The Hope Solo Durant Edition

Slate's sports podcast on Team USA's stirring Women's World Cup win, ballpark fatalities, and locked-out NBA players going overseas.

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In this week's episode of Slate's sports podcast Hang Up and Listen, Josh Levin, Mike Pesca, and guest Franklin Foer are joined by Stefan Fatsis to talk about the stunning U.S. victory over Brazil in the Women's World Cup. Josh, Mike, and Frank also discuss the history of fatalities at baseball stadiums with Robert Gorman, the author of the book Death at the Ballpark. For their last topic, they ponder whether the NBA lockout will push players to take their talents overseas.

Here are links to some of the articles and other items mentioned on the show:

With a last-minute header and a brilliant shootout save, the shorthanded U.S. women's soccer team beat Brazil in stirring fashion.
Josh declares "Justice!" in his Slate column on the U.S. team's victory.
The female referees at the Women's World Cup have taken a lot of criticism.
ESPN.com's Roger Bennett on how Brazil played the role of the villain.
A profile of Brazil's Marta on the site the Global Game.
Does Hope Solo have star power? Kevin Durant tweets so.
A 39-year-old baseball fan died last week trying to catch a ball at a Texas Rangers game.
The Rangers are trying to shore up their ballpark safety measures in the wake of the fan's death.
Hang Up guest Bob Gorman's book Death at the Ballpark is the definitive work on baseball fatalities.
Jon Mooallem's 2009 Slate piece on Death at the Ballpark.
Gorman's Death at the Ballpark blog.
The Minnesota Star-Tribune's La Velle E. Neal III wonders if Major League Baseball will forbid players from tossing balls into the stands.
Deron Williams tells ESPN that a protracted NBA lockout could prompt other stars to follow him to Turkey.
Williams' prospective Turkish club, Besiktas, has its own history of labor issues.
Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Kobe Bryant might be willing to play overseas.
Strange NFL lockout jobs: the Broncos' David Bruton has a $90-per-day substitute teaching gig, while Bruton's teammate Brandon Lloyd has found work as an aerospace metals salesman.
Mike Freeman of CBS Sports on how the 1987 NFL strike irrevocably ruptured the Dallas Cowboys.
We are not linking to the pictures of the topless French women's soccer players. But here's a news story about their decision to pose nude for the German tabloid Bild.

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