Iowa caucuses, Obama in 2012, and the Cheney critic on the Political Gabfest

The Gabfest on the Iowa Caucuses, Obama’s Chances in 2012, and the Cheney Critic SCOTUS Case

The Gabfest on the Iowa Caucuses, Obama’s Chances in 2012, and the Cheney Critic SCOTUS Case

Slate's weekly political roundtable.
Dec. 9 2011 2:39 PM

The Grinnell Live Gabfest

Listen to Slate's show about the Iowa caucuses, Obama’s chances in 2012, and a Supreme Court case on the arrest of a Cheney critic.

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This week’s Slate Political Gabfest was recorded live at Grinnell College in Iowa. On this week’s show,  Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and David Plotz discuss the Iowa caucuses, Obama and his support among younger voters, and the Supreme Court’s decision to hear a case surrounding the arrest of a man who criticized Dick Cheney to his face.

Here are some of the links and references mentioned during this week's show:

John’s Slate piece on Newt Gingrich’s surge in the polls.
A New York Times/CBS News poll finding that, among likely Republican voters, 31 percent think Newt Gingrich can beat Obama while 29 percent think Mitt Romney can.
A Washington Post article on Gingrich’s massive campaign debt.
A Politico article on Newt Gingrich’s proposal to employ poor children as janitors in their schools.
John’s Slate piece on Romney’s planned attacks on Gingrich.
The latest CNN/Time/ORC poll showing Gingrich in the lead.
Obama’s speech at Grinnell College as a candidate in 2007.
A CBS News article explaining the 8.6 percent unemployment rate, which coincided with 315,000 people leaving the labor force.
A Pew Research survey that found just 49 percent of young people say Obama makes them feel hopeful, as opposed to the 81 percent who felt that way before the election in 2008.
The 10th Circuit opinion on the Secret Service’s arrest of a Cheney critic.

Emily chatters about Jezebel’s latest “crap email from a dude,” sent by a disgruntled investment banker who was ignored after the first date.

John chatters about a TED Talk by Sunni Brown on why doodling should be celebrated rather than discouraged.

David chatters about Adam Goodheart’s book, 1861, which contains a discussion about facial hair as political expression in the early 19th century.

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