Slate's Political Gabfest for July 25.

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July 25 2008 1:25 PM

The Edwards Slugfest Gabfest

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Emily wonders whether a speech given by Barack Obama earlier this week about patriotism was successful in increasing his stature among voters.

Terence says John McCain, in his response to Gen. Clark's comments, missed an opportunity to better explain how his military experiences relate to his hope of becoming the next president.

John McCain once again shakes up his campaign staff, and David says it's an effort on the part of McCain to change the view that he's a lousy campaigner.

Barack Obama took time off from campaigning this week to watch his daughter's soccer game.

Emily, David and Terence discuss this week's revelations about how American trainers at Guantanamo Bay came to be teaching Chinese Communist interrogation techniques used during the Korean War to obtain false confessions from American soldiers. The three also debate the meaning of SERE.


David's cocktail chatter involves an experiment by a maker of virus protection software. The experiment tried to find out what happens if you respond to all your spam e-mail.

Terence chatters about a recent meeting between Barack Obama and leaders of the Latino community. He says the leaders were not impressed with Obama and wonders if they could become the "Reagan Democrats" of 2008.

Emily talks about a federal appeals court ruling that allows a controversial South Dakota law to be enforced. The law requires doctors to tell women seeking an abortion that the procedure ends a human life and can be related to suicide (which Emily disputes).

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