Prenatal depression, Ryan Lochte and other hot Olympic bodies, and a Georgia teenager’s cosmetic surgery on this week’s DoubleX Gabfest.
DoubleX Gabfest: Prenatal Depression, Hot Olympic Bodies, and Cosmetic Surgery for Teenage Girls
Slate’s weekly women’s roundtable.
Aug. 9 2012 7:16 AM

DoubleX Gabfest: The Circumspect Circumference Edition

Listen to Slate’s show about prenatal depression, hot Olympic bodies, and cosmetic surgery for teenage girls.


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In this week’s Gabfest, DoubleX managing editor Allison Benedikt joins New Republic staff writer Noreen Malone and Slate contributor Jessica Grose to discuss prenatal depression—what it feels like and the various ways to identify and treat it; the purported objectification of athletes’ bodies at this year’s Olympics, particularly the male swimmers and the female volleyball players; and the case of Nadia Ilse, a bullied Georgia teenager who was given free cosmetic surgery.

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Jessica Grose implores you to check out the song “Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools” by DENA.  

Noreen Malone recommends Leanne Shapton’s swimming memoir, Swimming Studies.

Allison Benedikt says that if you are ever in need of a nursing bra, go for the cheap Gilligan and OMalley ones at Target.  

Allison Benedikt is Slate’s news director. Follow her on Twitter.

Noreen Malone is a senior editor at New York magazine.

Jessica Grose is a frequent Slate contributor and the author of the novel Sad Desk Salad. Follow her on Twitter.