Slate’s Culture Gabfest on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Rosanne Cash’s The River & the Thread.
Rosanne Cash Names Her Favorite Rosanne Cash Song
Slate's weekly roundtable.
Feb. 5 2014 11:01 AM

The Culture Gabfest “Oh My God, It’s Rosanne Cash!” Edition

Slate’s Culture Gabfest on the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Rosanne Cash’s The River & the Thread.

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On this week’s episode, the critics discuss the tragic and untimely death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. With Jason Zinoman, who covers theater and comedy for the New York Times, they remember Hoffman’s diverse body of work on stage and screen. Next, the gabbers welcome Grammy-winner Rosanne Cash to discuss her latest album The River & the Thread, her unyielding fascination with the Mississippi Delta, and how she writes her songs.

Here are links to some of the things we discussed this week:


Julia: “Nettles” in Hateship, Friendship, Loveship, Courtship, Marriage by Alice Munro.

Rosanne Cash: The vast archives of Chapel Hill’s Southern Folklife Center, Furious Cool by David and Joe Henry about the life of Richard Pryor, and The Secret City, an ongoing series of art gatherings in New York City.

Steve: The blind bluesman Reverend Gary Davis and “How Auden was Modified in the Guts of the Living” by Nina Martyris in the L.A. Review of Books, an essay about W.H. Auden’s “In Memory of W.B. Yeats”

Outro:  “The World Unseen” by Rosanne Cash

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Stephen Metcalf is Slate’s critic at large. He is working on a book about the 1980s.

Dana Stevens is Slate’s movie critic.

Julia Turner is the editor in chief of Slate and a regular on Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast.

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