The New Yorker's piece on Paul Haggis and scientology, FX's series Justified, and the future of marginalia on this week's Culture Gabfest podcast.
The New Yorker's piece on Paul Haggis and scientology, FX's series Justified, and the future of marginalia on this…
Slate's weekly roundtable.
Feb. 23 2011 1:59 PM

The Culture Gabfest, "My Eyeballs Feel Like Boiled Eggs" Edition

Listen to Slate's show about Paul Haggis' split from Scientology in The New Yorker, FX's series Justified, and the future of marginalia.


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In this week's Culture Gabfest, our critics Stephen Metcalf, Dana Stevens, and Julia Turner discuss Lawrence Wright's article about Paul Haggis and his split with Scientology in The New Yorker, FX's Elmore Leonard-inspired crime series Justified, and the future of marginalia in the age of the e-book.

Here are some links to the things we discussed this week:

Lawrence Wright's massive New Yorker article "
Paul Haggis vs. Scientology."
Previous special reports on Scientology from Rolling Stone and the St. Petersburg Times.
Tom Cruise's dispute with Brooke Shields
over antidepressants.
South Park's Scientology episode "
Trapped in the Closet."
Mark Oppenheimer on
why Scientology is "not a cult" in Slate.
Scientology masterwork Battlefield: Earth.
The Scientific Revolution.
The official Web site for FX series Justified.
American novelist
Elmore Leonard.
Troy Patterson's review of Justified in Slate.
Justified star
Timothy Olyphant.
Film adaptations of Elmore Leonard's Get Shorty and Out of Sight.
FX's recently canceled crime series Terriers, which the Gabfest
previously discussed.
The New York Times' article on the feared "
Dim Future for Notes in the Margins."
Billy Collins' poem "
Portuguese poet
Fernando Pessoa.
The great economic debate of
John Maynard Keynes vs. Freidrich Hayek.

The Culture Gabfest weekly endorsements:

Dana's pick: Christian Marclay's 24-hour cinematic timepiece The Clock.
Julia's pick: Miguel Arteta's 2011 comedy Cedar Rapids, starring Ed Helms and John C. Reilly.
Steve's pick: Grant Green's 1964 jazz album Idle Moments.

Outro: "Jean de Fleur" by Grant Green.

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Stephen Metcalf is Slate’s critic at large. He is working on a book about the 1980s.

Dana Stevens is Slate’s movie critic.

Julia Turner is the editor in chief of Slate and a regular on Slate’s Culture Gabfest podcast.

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