Slate's Culture Gabfest on Inglourious Basterds, Project Runway,and the "Sketch Steve" contest.

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Aug. 26 2009 11:46 AM

The Culture Gabfest, the Springtime for Tarantino Edition

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In this week's Culture Gabfest, our critics discuss Quentin Tarantino's new WWII fantasy, Inglourious Basterds, with special guest Ron Rosenbaum; the new, long-delayed season of the fashion design reality series Project Runway; and the winning sketches  of Steve.

Here are links to some of the articles and other items mentioned in the show:

The official Web site for Inglourious Basterds.
Dana Stevens' review of Inglourious Basterds in Slate.
Ron Rosenbaum's piece on Tarantino, The Sopranos, and violence in Slate.
Ron Rosenbaum and Dana Stevens on last year's Holocaust-themed Oscar bait, The Reader, in Slate.
Isaac Chotiner and readers discuss the merits and faults of Tarantino at the New Republic's blog the Plank.
The official Web site for Project Runway on Lifetime (where you can watch the first episode of the new season).
Dana Stevens' review of the first season of Project Runway in Slate.
Troy Patterson's review of the new season of Project Runway in Slate.
All of the entries in our "Sketch Steve" contest.
The winners of the "Sketch Steve" contest.

The Culture Gabfest weekly endorsements:
Dana's pick: Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro.
Julia's pick: The City Gardener's Handbook by Linda Yang.
Stephen's picks: The guitar playing of the Smiths' Johnny Marr, the Replacements' Paul Westerberg, and the Sea and Cake's Sam Prekop and Archer Prewitt.

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