The Sun Rises on Solar Power

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Sunshine State: The University of California's Solar Breakthroughs

As nature calls time on fossil fuels, researchers at the University of California are finding credible alternatives to oil and coal. It's solar power's time to shine.

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“The low environmental impact of daylighting solutions is self-evident,” Winston says, “For example, the Berkeley/Singapore approach uses concrete walls and light transmitting glass cones. Both combine very long life with safe recycling. Conventional lighting uses electricity which requires a power plant, typically burning coal.”

Winston says that this is another example where we can combine high and lower-tech solar solutions to meet our lighting and energy needs.

“The more we embrace solar energy, the more we come to realize that there are still opportunities for innovation,” Winston says, “There are also challenges. But we are beginning to experience a future where the full potential of solar energy is being realized—to everyone’s benefit.”


One thing becomes apparent as we sift through the prolific number of breakthroughs coming out of UC Solar. The future is bright.