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March 21 1998 3:30 AM

Puzzle No. 5: "From Beatles to Beetles"


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Seth Stevenson Seth Stevenson

Seth Stevenson is a senior writer at Slate, where he’s been a contributor since 1997. He is the author of Grounded: A Down to Earth Journey Around the World.

In this week's puzzle, we challenge you to get from this page devoted to The Beatles to this page mentioning the eating habits of beetles.

We did it in 15 links. If you can tie or beat that, e-mail your solution (with instructions and URLs) to FrancisBacon@slate.com by noon ET Tuesday, March 24. (All submissions will become the property of Slate and will be published at Slate's discretion. Slate may publish your name on its site in connection with your submission.)

Results will be announced Thursday, March 26, at about 5 p.m. PT, along with a new puzzle. Readers are also invited to submit their own puzzles (along with a solution path).


Happy surfing!

Solution to Puzzle No. 4: "From Friedrich von Hayek to Salma Hayek"

Perhaps thrown by the mind-blowing juxtaposition of economic theorist and Hollywood actress, not a single linker was able to meet Slate reader Greg Ransom's Hayek-to-Hayek challenge. Better luck next time. Here's how Ransom did it:

Starting at the Friedrich Hayek Scholar's Page, click Research resources--archives, societies, funding, web resources, etc., which will lead you ...


here. Click Nobel Prize Internet Archive Hayek Page, and you'll find yourself ...

at this site. Click Friedrich Hayek ring to go ...

here. In the bottom-right corner, click Bomis, which will take you ...

to this page. Click Babe/, and from


there, click Actress. You should find yourself ...

at this list of actresses. Click Hayek, Salma, and ...

thence, click Salma Hayek Shrine ...

and the journey is complete!

Ransom has recently posted a Friedrich Hayek vs. Salma Hayek scorecard.

--Seth Stevenson