Policy made plain.
March 9 1997 3:30 AM

Change of Address


Since Slate's founding, way back in the mists of 1996, its e-mail address has always been slate@msn.com. Beginning next week, though, we will have our very own e-mail domain, "slate.com." This will allow us to generate a confusing proliferation of different e-mail addresses, a process we begin now:

To sign up for free e-mail delivery of Slate itself, send a message to help@slate.com. Don't forget to include which e-mail software program and provider you use. (For actual delivery of Slate on Paper, call 800-555-4995.)

To sign up for a free weekly e-mail announcement of what's new in Slate, send a message to read@slate.com.

For technical information, answers to questions, and solutions to problems with receiving Slate (or, perchance, to thank our technical staff for the flawless technical performance of this site and its ancillary products), e-mail help@slate.com.


To send a letter to the editors, you can e-mail letters@slate.com.

Other Slate-specific e-mail addresses will be operating soon, including, of course, a private e-mail channel from Bill Gates, havethemkilled@slate.com.

Instant Book

As of midday Wednesday, March 5, 1,369 Harry Shearer fans had downloaded our special Collector's Edition of Harry's "Dispatches" from the O.J. Simpson Civil Trial. The download page is still available in "The Compost." If you're feeling nostalgic for wonderful characters from the O.J. saga like Dennis Fung, click here to download a copy for yourself.


"Name the Scandal" Contest

A good shorthand name for the Democratic fund-raising/Lincoln Bedroom/John Huang set of controversies seems as elusive as the story itself. Slate readers responding to last week's invitation to name the scandal have not covered themselves in literary glory. A few of the more bearable suggestions: Hotel Bill, Cash Inn, China Pattern, The John Wilkes Toll Booth, Sheets for Treats. None of these do it, in the considered opinion of our distinguished panel of judges. Please keep trying, either in "The Fray" or by e-mail to letters@msn.com.

Art History

The Hard Way by Matthew Ritchie, which first appeared in "Slate Gallery," has been added to the permanent Web site collection (yes, there is one) of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It is also part of the Slate magazine permanent collection, a k a "The Compost," and you can see it again by clicking here.