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Feb. 23 1997 3:30 AM

The Compleat Harry


Not since Homer, the critics agree, has anyone produced an epic narrative like "O.J. by the Sea," Harry Shearer's series of dispatches from the O.J. Simpson civil trial. The entire series is, of course, available in "The Compost." But for Slate readers who wish to fondle this classic of our times, bind it in leather, display it on their coffee tables, and pass it along as a treasured heirloom to their children, we are proud to offer a new sort of instant book. The entire series has been repackaged as a Microsoft Word document (also as an Adobe Acrobat document), which can be downloaded, free as O.J., and printed out. Like our weekly print-out edition of Slate itself, "O.J. by the Sea" is nicely formatted in double columns for standard 8½-by-11 paper.

Surgeon General's Warning: "The Compleat O.J. by the Sea" is 94,025 words long, and the printout is exactly 84 pages. (The file takes about six minutes to download at 28.8K.) Keep in mind, though, that you can also download the file and read it on-screen.

Let's Talk About You

More than 3,600 Slate readers took the time to respond to our reader survey a few weeks back, for which we thank you. The results prove beyond a doubt that reading Slate is good for you. How else would Slate readers have acquired a median income of $75,000 to $100,000 and a median net worth of $250,000? Eighty-six percent of you claim to be college graduates, and 57 percent have postgraduate degrees (not all, we trust, from law school). You spend an average of 37 minutes a week reading Slate.

Over half of you use Netscape as your browser. Nothing wrong with that, you understand. Some of our best friends use Netscape. Slate, of course, is happy--indeed, grateful--to welcome readers of all races, religions, genders, and browser preferences.

Housekeeping Details

If you haven't yet sampled our new, alternative "Table of Contents," go to the Contents page and click on the word "Date" right below the Slate logo. Current articles will then be listed by the date they were posted, with the most recent stuff first. If you like that better than our highly conceptual system of departments and page numbers, that's fine with us. (To return to the regular Contents page, just click on "Page Number.")

New readers might like to be reminded that you can sign up for free e-mail delivery of our "Slate on Paper" edition, nicely formatted for printing out (just like the Harry Epic--only shorter). It's delivered automatically every Friday afternoon. You can also get an actual printed copy of Slate each week, but that'll cost you money. Call 800-555-4995 for details.

Michael Kinsley is a columnist, and the founding editor of Slate.