The Slate Poll: Slate readers get it right on Elena Kagan's confirmation vote.

Slate readers predict the future.
Aug. 5 2010 4:21 PM

How Many Votes Will Elena Kagan Get?

Slate readers get it right on Elena Kagan's confirmation vote.

UPDATE, Aug. 5: The Senate voted 63-37 to confirm Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, with five Republicans supporting her and Democrat Ben Nelson voting no. Among Slate readers, the most popular prediction was 65 votes, while the average of the 7,625 predictions was 63.4 votes. The median—the prediction with an equal number below and above it—was 63. But no matter how you run the numbers, Slate readers were very close in their predictions.

Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings before the 19-member Senate judiciary committee ended Thursday, and the  relevant senators  have pledged that the full Senate will vote on her nomination to the Supreme Court before it leaves town in August. With 57 Democrats, 41 Republicans, and two Independents in the Senate, how many votes will Kagan get?

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