Barack Obama's Facebook Feed: The latest updates. 

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed: The latest updates. 

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed: The latest updates. 

The latest news from the president's profile.
March 4 2011 9:58 AM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Libya, Wisconsin, and Charlie Sheen's job offers.

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Barack Obama created the event Winning the Future.
Joe Biden
But how?
Barack Obama sent Charlie Sheen a friend request.
Joe Biden added "tiger blood and Adonis DNA" to About Me.
Jay Carney
Haha, good one.
Joe Biden
I'm not in trouble?
Jay Carney
No way, that shit's hilarious.
Joe Biden poked Robert Gibbs.
The Supreme Court posted a note: "The First Amendment Protects Assholes, Too."
Westboro Baptist Church
Thanks. Fags.
The Supreme Court
Don't test us.
James Franco is "hosting" the "Oscars" "tonight." Please "tune in" "."
Gawker posted a video: "Was James Franco Stoned?"
James Franco
I was squinting to compensate for Anne's saucer eyes.
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences tagged Colin Firth in a video: "Best Actor"
Colin Firth
Th- th- th- ...thank ... thank ...
Academy Awards
Apple posted a note: "REVEALED: iPad2 Fits In Your Hand, Makes Calls."
The Associated Press posted an note: "New Jersey Rep. Rush Holt Defeats Watson in Jeopardy! Contest."
The Star-Ledger posted an article: "New Jersey Devastated by Cyber Attack."
Rahm Emanuel added "Mayor of Chicago" to his Work and Education Info.
Rahm Emanuel
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
David Axelrod
Excuse me?
Rahm Emanuel
Sorry, I haven't been able to say that in, like, 10 weeks.
John Thune left the group Possible Presidential Nominees for the Republican Party to Flirt With, Before Settling on Mitt Romney
Roll Call posted an article: "John Boehner Warns of Government Shutdown."
Barack Obama
No, please, don't ensure my re-election.
Newt Gingrich
Careful, John. It's reverse reverse psychology!
CNN posted an article: "Muammar Qaddafi Losing Touch With Reality."
Hillary Clinton
Oh, no. He must be on Charlie Sheen.
The New York Daily News posted an article: "Tension in Libya spreads to Yemen, China, Iran, and the National Football League."
Anti-Defamation League tagged Julian Assange, Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson, and John Galliano in the note "Anti-Semites Control the Media!"
Scott Walker created the group Ban Unions--Except the Ones That Vote Republican
Scott Walker posted a note: "Prank Call Elimination Act of 2011."
Haywood Jablowme
This law unfairly discriminates against real, hardworking Americans.
Mike Hunt
Ben Dover
You tell ‘em
Darrell Issa sent Kurt Bardella a note: "You're fired. (bcc: Mark Leibovich)"
Chris Dodd joined the group Motion Pictures Association of America.
Barack Obama
You said you weren't gonna become a lobbyist.
Chris Dodd
I wasn't. Then I saw "Drive Angry 3D."
Rolling Stone posted an article: "Military Practiced Psy-Ops on John McCain."
John McCain
That's ridiculous.
Mitch McConnell
What do you think of the farm bill?
John McCain
Send more troops.
Jasmine Devine posted a note on Craigslist: "Passable TS/CD Seeks Closeted Republican Congressman."
Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg were tagged in a photo: "Leader of the Free World Meets With Barack Obama."


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