The latest updates to Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates to Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates to Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
March 18 2011 2:08 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Japan, Peter King, and al-Qaida's new women's magazine.

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Japan was tagged in a photo:
Godzilla is scared shitless.
The New York Times posted an article: "Quake Moves Japan Closer to U.S."
New York Post posted an article: "Japan Nuclear Plant: Biggest Meltdown Ever?"
Charlie Sheen
That's nothing.
CNN posted a video: "After Tsunami, Japanese Behave According to Japanese Stereotypes."
Gilbert Gottfried What do you get when you cross a tsunami and a nuclear explosion? Stir fry!
Gilbert Gottfried Why do the Japanese eat so much Ramen? Because it's easy to make: Just add water.
Gilbert Gottfried Did you hear about the Japanese stock market? It crashed on purpose!
Aflac and Gilbert Gottfried are no longer friends.
John Boehner posted a note: "Cut the Budget—or We'll Shut Down the Government!"
Barack Obama
OK, shut it down.
John Boehner
OK, I will.
Barack Obama
OK, do it.
John Boehner
OK, watch me.
Barack Obama
Cool, when?
John Boehner
Soon, just you wait.
Barack Obama
John Boehner
I swear, I'll do it.
Peter King deleted the group Muslims
Peter King created the group Muslim Terrorists
Keith Ellison
What about moderate Muslims?
Peter King created the group Moderate Muslim Terrorists
Faker Ali and Pretendulah Hussein sent NPR a gift: "Totally Real Donation."
The House of Representatives added "Defund NPR" to its Interests
Eric Cantor
Consider that, bitches.
Sari Horwitz posted a note: "Catcher in the Rye, by Sari Horwitz."
The Independent posted an article: "Al-Qaida Launches Women's Glossy."
Al Qaida posted an article: "Not-Back-to-School Issue! What To Wear at Home, Alone"
Al Qaida posted an article: "Quiz! Is Your Man a Sayyid Qutb or an Ayman al-Zawahiri?"
Al Qaida posted an article: "Zero Red-Hot Sex Tips!"
Nate Dogg signed off.
Cass Sunstein added "Regulate" to his Favorite Music
The United Nations created the cause "No-Fly Zone."
Muammar Qaddafi created the photo gallery "Fly Zone":
Sharron Angle hates Washington so much she's trying a third time to get elected to Congress.
CNN posted an article: "State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley Calls Treatment of Bradley Manning 'Counterproductive.'"
P. J. Crowley sent Hillary Clinton a gift: "My resignation."
Hillary Clinton sent P. J. Crowley a gift: "Your soul back."
Evan Bayh posted a note: "The Senate Is Ruined by Lobbyists, Moneyed Interests, and Shallow Ideology."
Evan Bayh added added McGuire-Woods, Apollo Management Group, and Fox News to his Employers.
MSNBC posted an article: "Silvio Berlusconi Had Sex With Prostitute 13 Times."
Silvio Berlusconi
In a row!
Bill Keller posted a note: "I Think Aggregation Sucks."
The Huffington Post posted an article: "Keller: I ... Suck."
Julianne Moore tagged herself in a photo:
Tina Fey
No pressure!
Sarah Palin added India to the Places I've Been application.
Sarah Palin
Hello to all my slumdog millionaires!!
AOL sent 900 people a note: "Good Bye!"
David Broder is dead, on the one hand.

Christopher Beam is a writer living in Beijing.

Chris Wilson is a Slate contributor.