The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Feb. 11 2011 6:05 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Egypt, CPAC, and Christopher Lee's next gig.

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Hosni Mubarak is thankful he's not president of Tunisia.
Hosni Mubarak Oh.
The network Egypt is unavailable.
CNN posted an article: "Egypt Detains Google Executive Wael Ghonim."
Google tagged Hosni Mubarak in a photo:
CNN posted an article: "Egypt Frees Google Executive Wael Ghonim."
Kenneth Cole tagged Hosni Mubarak in the photo gallery "Best Dressed Dictators."
Hosni Mubarak posted a List: "Things I Will Concede."
  • Internet restored, but only in its 1997 form.
  • State-run TV now merely state-supervised.
  • Favorite goblet laithed from dissident bone.
  • One pyramid.
  • Muslim Brotherhood can speak, but only when spoken to.
  • Aircraft carrier-turned-yacht now just aircraft carrier.
  • No more emergency law--oh wait, emergency!
  • Klondike bars.
Glenn Beck posted a note: "Mubarak = Moo + Barack = Obama's Cow = President Obama is MILKING Egypt for $$$. Q.E.D."
100,000 people joined the group Resign Mubarak!
Hosni Mubarak
No thank you.
500,000 people joined the group Resign Mubarak!
Hosni Mubarak
I am honored to be your leader.
1,000,000 people joined the group Resign Mubarak!
Hosni Mubarak
It is my sacred duty to lead my people.
The Egyptian Army joined the group Resign Mubarak!
Hosni Mubarak
Al-Jazeera posted a video: "Egypt's Quest for Democracy."
Bill O'Reilly
Wait, but Al-Jazeera hates ...democracy ... but .... doesn't ... make... sense...
Bill O'Reilly was tagged in a photo:
The Black Eyed Peas untagged themselves in a video: "Super Bowl Halftime Performance."
Ben Roethlisberger won't take loss for an answer.
Conservative Political Action Conference is now friends with GOProud.
No homo.
Jim DeMint created the group Boycott CPAC!
I just love how passionate you are.
Jim DeMint
You ... you do?
MSNBC posted an article: "Cheney Booed at CPAC."
CPAC joined the group No Fly List.
The Washington Post posted an article: "Web Domain Types Will Expand."
The Republic National Committee updated its Web sites to HarryReid.loser, BarackObama.muslim, NancyPelosi.fugly, JohnKerry.dbag, and StenyHoyer.actuallythisguyisok.
Joe Biden updated his Web site to JoeBiden.bfd
Donald Trump posted a note on America's Wall: "Job application."
George Will posted an article: "Don't Rule Out Santorum."
Yes, do.
CNN posted an article: "Giffords was eying Senate run before suffering massive brain injury."
Harry Reid
So what's the problem?
The Phoenix posted an article: "Mitt Romney Rewrites ‘No Apology' Book to Be More Conservative."
Mitt Romney
And for that I do not apologize.
Christopher Lee tagged himself in a photo:
Christopher Lee has resigned.
The Democratic National Committee tagged Mitch McConnell in a photo:
Arizona posted an article: "Lawsuit against the federal government for failing to fix all of our problems."
Donald Rumsfeld added Known and Unknown to his Virtual Bookshelf.
John Kerry
"Unknown," like those WMDs?
Donald Rumsfeld
More like your face after I'm done with it.
Huffington Post and AOL are in a relationship.
Howard Kurtz
Psst. He's too old for you.
Arianna Huffington created the group Win the Past!
Jon Kyl, Joe Lieberman, Kent Conrad, Kay Bailey Hutchison, and Jim Webb joined the group "Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, You're Cool, Fuck You..."
Keith Olbermann posted a video on Current TV
Kim Jong-il
We have captured great American reporter Keith Olbermann.
Bill Clinton
Sorry, busy


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