Barack Obama's Facebook news feed for the past two weeks.
Barack Obama's Facebook news feed for the past two weeks.
The latest news from the president's profile.
Jan. 28 2011 2:18 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Health care repeal, the State of the Union, and Amy Chua's new job.

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The House of Representatives repealed Health Care Reform.
Tea Party
Yay, no more coverage for preexisting conditions!
Harry Reid
Sorry, checks and balances.
Tea Party
A.k.a. business-as-usual Washington mumbo jumbo. posted an article: "Washington, D.C. Cold, Frosty, and Frozen Solid."
Nancy Pelosi
Yeah, but what's the weather forecast?
Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell joined the group Keep the Filibuster
Status Quo
CNN posted an article: "Democratic Uprising in Tunisia."
Barack Obama
I applaud the courage and dignity of the Tunisian people.
CNN posted an article: "Democratic Uprising in Egypt."
Barack Obama
I applaud the courage and dignity of the Tunisian people.
Simon & Schuster shared the item " O: A Presidential Novel, by Anonymous"
Politico sent Simon & Schuster a gift: Buzz.
Tim Pawlenty shared the item "The Autobiography of Tim Pawlenty, by Anonymous."
Nice try.
Time tagged Mark Salter in a photo: "Author of O."

Mark Salter
I just ghostwrote it for Joe Klein.
Barack Obama was tagged in a photo: "State of the Union."

John Boehner posted a note: "New Bipartisan Buddy System."
284 people sent Kirsten Gillibrand a friend request.
Barack Obama posted a note on Samuel Alito's wall: "Where were you?"
Samuel Alito
In 2025, winning.
America changed its motto to "We Do Big Things."
Saddam Hussein
How's that working out for ya?
Entertainment Weekly posted an article: "The King's Speech Gets 12 Oscar Nominations."
Barack Obama
Thank you! Thank you!
Paul Ryan was tagged in a video: "Win the Future Presidential Election."
Michele Bachmann posted a photo: "Chart About America."

Hey, over here.
GQ posted an article: "Ted Haggard Admits He's Bisexual."
Family Research Council
That's right. He loves both women and Jesus.
The Cleveland Plain Dealer posted an article: "Kucinich Sues House Cafeteria Over an Olive."
Joe Biden
Now there's a guy I wouldn't want to be pitted against.
Robert Gibbs
Shut up, Joe.
Joe Biden
But my sense of humor is olive got left!
Robert Gibbs sent Jay Carney a gift: Podium.
Jay Carney
Any tips?
Robert Gibbs
Two words: purple drank.
Barack Obama tagged Amy Chua in a photo: "Education Secretary."
Amy Chua posted a note on The Treasury Department's Wall: "Budget Request: 40 million Violins."
Barack Obama, Hu Jintao, and Liu Xiaobo were tagged in a photo.

Hu Jintao
Huh? Where's Liu Xiaobo?
Barack Obama
Good question!
The Illinois Appellate Court posted a note: "Rahm Emanuel Is Not Eligible for Mayor"
The Illinois Supreme Court is surrounded by dental instruments.
The Illinois Supreme Court posted a note: "Rahm Emanuel Is Eligible for Mayor"
The National Enquirer posted an article: "Todd Palin Cheated on Sarah With Massage Therapist."
Al Gore
George Allen is launching a noose Senate campaign. New! A new Senate campaign.
PBS posted a note: "50th Anniversary of JFK Inauguration."
Nancy Pelosi
"Ask not what your country can do for you ... tell it!"
MSNBC posted a note on Keith Olbermann's wall: "Good night and good ... yeah, good night."
CNN posted an article: "Job growth still slow."
Barack Obama
I applaud the courage and dignity of the Tunisian people.

Correction, Jan. 28, 2011: This article originally misspelled Liu Xiaobo's name.


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