The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Dec. 17 2010 7:47 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Tax cuts, Julian Assange, and how Mark Zuckerberg became Time's Person of the Year.

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John Boehner created the group Reduce the National Deficit!
John Boehner created the group Pass the $858 Billion Tax Cuts!
Nancy Pelosi
Inconsistent much?
John Boehner
Lose much?
Barack Obama tagged the Tax Deal in a photo:
Bill Clinton
Eat up, everyone!
Mitch McConnell
Looks like Harry wants seconds!
Democrats posted a note: "$1.1 trillion 2011 budget."
John Boehner
We must get rid of earmarks once and for all!
John McCain
Paul Ryan
‘Bout time.
Paul Ryan tagged $30 million in a photo: Hair gel
John Boehner tagged $50 million in a photo: Tissues
John McCain tagged $100 million in a photo: Gaydar
Julian Assange changed his Interests to Long walks on the beach, Candlelit Italian dinners, Breaking your firewall.
Michael Moore sent Julian Assange a gift: $20,000
Bill Maher
What does he have on you, Mike?
Julian Assange
Let's just say he made more than one "Roger and Me."
Julian Assange was transferred from British prison to fashion prison.
Mark Zuckerberg was tagged in the photo Time Person of the Year.
Time Magazine
Can you please change back our profile photo now?
The Washington Post posted an article: "Study: Those Who Sleep More Appear More Attractive."
Barbara Mikulski
Yaaawwwn! I needed that. How long was I out?
Jimmy Carter posted a note: "It's Time America Had a Gay President."
Mary Todd Lincoln
Democrats tagged Republicans in the album "2011 Calendar: The Men Who Opposed Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
Bernie Sanders created the event Great Gatsby Filibuster.
The Senate is sold out.
ABC News posted an article: "Poll: Six in 10 voters would never support Palin for president."
Sarah Palin added America to the list Liberal Elite.
CNN posted a note: "Top 10 Top 10 Lists of 2010."
  • Top 10 oiled animals.
  • Top 10 crappy pieces of advice for Obama.
  • Top 10 self-pitying Conan O'Brien gags.
  • Top 10 Toyota crash phone calls.
  • Top 10 Cheney heart attacks.
  • Top 10 hottest body scanner images.
  • Top 10 Mel Gibson insults.
  • Top 10 columns about why Jon Stewart should cancel his Mall event.
  • Top 10 bed bugs.
  • Top 10 sexts.
The New York Times posted an article: "After five decades, Larry King hangs up the suspenders."
The New York Post posted an article: "Larry King arrested for indecent exposure."
Michael Vick Puullleeeaaaaase can I have a dog for Christmas? I won't ask for anything else, and I promise to walk him every day and clean up after him.
U.S. Marshals
Minnesota Vikings The sky is falling!
Guys, Brett Favre is leaving, get over it.
Minnesota Vikings
No seriously, the sky is falling.
Cliff Lee joined the group Philadelphia Phillies.
The Philadelphia Phillies sent The New York Yankees a gift.
China Daily posted an article: "Shanghai students post top math scores; U.S. ranks ln(e^23) out of cos(vµ*/f(x))."
United States
Sorry, can't read Chinese.
Mrs. Morgan Freeman I said he was dead to me.
Michael Steele created the group Steele the One: Michael Steele for RNC Chair, 2011!
Saxby Chambliss
Is it racist to bar black men from running this time around?
Mitch McConnell
I'll look into it.
Michele Bachmann posted a note: "Bachmann to Serve on Intelligence Committee."
Charles Rangel
Yeah, and I'll be serving on the Ethics Committee!
Daniel Inouye
Haha I'll be serving on the Youth Committee!
John Kerry
LOL sure and I'll be on the Humility Committee!!
Jim Inhofe
I'll be on the Environment Committee. No really I will.
Richard Holbrooke End this war in Afghanistan.
Dick Cheney
I've already prepared my dying words: No.


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