The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed. 

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed. 

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed. 

The latest news from the president's profile.
Nov. 19 2010 6:33 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

The Palins, Charlie Rangel, and Mitch McConnell's deficit-reduction plan. 

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John Boehner added "Speaker of the House" to his "Work and Education" information.
John Boehner
Who superglued the gavel handle??
Republicans posted a note: "Stuff to Do."
1) Repeal health care reform.
2) ??
CNN posted an article: "Obama Hopes To Get Korea Trade Deal."
Barack Obama
How about Lindsay Lohan for that actress from Lost?
Lee Myung-bak
No deal.
Presidential Bipartisan Deficit Reduction Commission posted a note: "Raise the Retirement Age, Reduce Medicare Costs, Cut Military Spending."
Mitch McConnell posted a note: "Nuke the Deficit."
Worth a shot.
Glenn Beck posted a note: "George Soros was a Nazi when he was 14."
George Soros posted a note: "Glenn Beck is still 14."
New York Daily News posted an article: "Schumer Announces Ban on Caffeinated Alcoholic Beverage Four Loko."
Chuck Schumer
Time to celebrate! Who wants an Irish coffee?
CNN posted an article: "Ghailani To Be Tried on 285 Counts of Murder, Conspiracy."
Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani
Death to America!
CNN posted an article: "Ghailani Aquitted on 284 of 285 Counts."
Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani
Death to America, except for its awesome justice system!
Charles Rangel is not attending the event My Ethics Trial.
Charles Rangel created the group Team Charlie
The House Ethics Committee tagged Charles Rangel in a photo: "Punishment."
Charles Rangel
You had to do the eyebrows.
Politico posted an article: "Two Democrats Say Arianna Huffington Stole Their Web Site."
Larry Flynt
I want my cut!
Hugh Heffner
Me too.
Tina Brown posted a note: "Daily Beast, Newsweek To Wed."
Sidney Harman sent Tina Brown a gift: "Prenup"
Michelle Bachmann posted a note: "Down With Things I Arbitrarily Consider To Be Earmarks!"
Mitch McConnell posted a note: "Earmarks are protected by the Constitution."
Tea Party
Know what else was protected by the Constitution? Hitler.
The TSA is interested in Random Play.
Transpoprtation Security Administration posted an album: "Hot or Not?"
Roll Call posted an article: "Murkowski Wins Write-In Campaign."
Joe Miller created the group Campaign Against Literacy 2014.
The FDA posted a note: "New Horrifying Warning Labels on Cigarette Packs."
George W. Bush posted a note: "My new memoir, Decision Pints."
CNN posted an article: "Al Qaida Stitches Bombs Into Dogs."
Osama Bin Laden
Now that's just effed up.
TLC posted a video: "Sarah Palin's Alaska."
Grover Cleveland
And they said it was unpresidential when I wore dungarees.
Oxford University Press added "Refudiate" to the Group Words of the Year.
Sarah Palin
It is an honor to even be nominimated.
The Democratic National Committee posted a note: "Tea Party Voters Propel Unqualified Candidate Over Competition."
Rand Paul
Oh come on.
We're talking about Bristol Palin.
Tom DeLay is on trial.
Texas State Prison
FYI, we already have someone here called "The Hammer."
The Hill posted an article: "Democrats Expand Leadership To Avoid Showdown."
James Clyburn changed his Work and Education information to "House Minority Hall Monitor."
Jon Kyl removed "Nuclear Arms Treaties" from his Interests.
Jon Kyl added "Screwing Obama" to his Interests.
The New York Times posted an article: "Heroic Afghan Dog Euthanized By Mistake in Arizona."
Didn't have his papers.
Ron Johnson posted a note: "In my first act as senator, I am abolishing all taxes in Wisconsin."
Mitch McConnell
You're not a senator until January, Ron, and you don't have that power.
Ron Johnson
I will not tolerate typical inside-the-Beltway, business-as-usual thinking.
David Axelrod posted a note on God's Wall: "Please, we really need some good news."
CNN posted an article: "Dick Van Dyke Saved by Porpoise."
David Axelrod
Not quite what I meant, but OK.
No prob.


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