Barack Obama's Facebook Feed
Barack Obama's Facebook Feed
The latest news from the president's profile.
Aug. 6 2010 6:17 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

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WikiLeaks posted 92,000 notes: "Afghanistan Documents."
The New York Times posted an article: "EXCLUSIVE: Afghanistan War Not Going Well."
Robert Gibbs
Stop the presses! Just kidding.
Rahm Emanuel
No seriously, stop them.
CIA tagged Julian Assange in a photo:
Jason Bourne
On it.
Pfc. Bradley ManningError: Account deleted.
Eric Holder
So, are we going to prosecute him?
Leon Panetta
Prosecute who?
Charles Rangel and Maxine Waters joined the group Congressional Blacklisted Caucus.
The Washington Post posted an article: "Judge Strikes Down Arizona Immigration Law."
Barack Obama
This is a victory for America.
Mitch McConnell
If you love illegal immigrants so much, why don't you marry them?
The Washington Post posted an article: "Judge Strikes Down Anti-Gay Marriage Law."
Alex Rodriguez FINALLY hit number 600.
Hank Aaron
Snooki sent Barack Obama a friend request.
Barack Obama
Do I know you?
MSNBC posted an article: "Obama's Youth Support Plummets."
The New York Times posted an article: "Where Did All the Oil Go?"
Adm. Thad Allen posted a photo: "Found it."
Barack Obama sent Elena Kagan a gift: Robes

Elena Kagan
Thanks. This may be the most shapely garment I've ever worn.
Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi were tagged in a photo:
Mitch McConnell is no longer a fan of Birthright Citizenship.
Harry Reid
I think you mean "Future Democratic Voters."
The Associated Press posted a photo: "Sarah Palin's New Book Cover"
Anti-Defamation League created the group Say No to the Ground Zero Mosque!
Anti-Defamation League changed its name to Anti-Defamation (In Most Cases) League
Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are no longer in a relationship.
Sarah Palin
Bristol ... pls. refudiate?
New York Post posted an article: "Giuliani Daughter Caught Shoplifting!"
Rudy Giuliani
First you vote for Obama, now this?
Caroline Giuliani
I was just redistributing the wealth.
Wyclef Jean added "Future President of Haiti" to his Work and Education Info
Well ... it couldn't make things any worse.
Lauryn Hill
Yes, it could.
The Associated Press posted an article: "Biden's motorcade involved in fourth traffic accident."
Robert Gibbs
That's it, Joe. No more driving.


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