The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
June 2 2010 3:21 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

BP, Joe Sestak, and Sarah Palin's new stalker.

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Barack Obama is doing everything in his power to stop the oil spill.
Barack Obama
Plug the damn hole.
Rahm Emanuel
That's it?
Barack Obama
Plug the mother%^&*ing hole mother%^&*ers ...?
Rahm Emanuel
BP is trying a containment dome.
BP is trying a top kill.
BP is trying a junk shot.
BP is trying a containment dome.
Barack Obama
You tried that already.
This one goes to 11.
Chris Matthews posted a video: "Is Obama Angry Enough?"
Barack Obama tagged Tony Hayward in a photo:
Chris Matthews
So presidential.
The Washington Post posted an article: "White House Consults James Cameron on Possible Solutions to Oil Spill."
James Cameron
You must go to the Tree of Souls and pray to Eywa for forgiveness.
Barack Obama
At this point, it's worth a try.
Joe Biden tagged Barack Obama, Robert Gibbs, Rahm Emanuel, and David Axelrod in a photo:
Robert Gibbs
I get it, Joe. You can come to the next strategy session.
Harry Reid posted a note on Nevada's Wall:
Harry Reid
We must protect the little people from the greed and corruption of Wall Street.
Gary Coleman signed off.
Harry Reid
I ... I failed.
Bill Clinton sent Joe Sestak a gift: Job offer.
Joe Sestak
I think that's called a bribe.
Bill Clinton
Not if it's a shitty unpaid job.
Malia Obama posted a note on Barack Obama's Wall: "Did you plug the hole yet, Daddy?"
Barack Obama
I told you, honey, we're all working to stop the spill.
Malia Obama
No, I mean this one.

The New York Times posted an article: "Trivial Pursuit Creator Dies."
Howard Kurtz
Wait, Harris or VandeHei?
The Supreme Court posted a note: "Suspects Must Invoke Own Miranda Rights."
George W. Bush
I have the right to remain silent.
Eric Holder
Uh, Mr. President, you haven't been charged with anything ...
George W. Bush
Oh. Right. Nothing going on here.
Tom Vilsack destroyed 60 acres of corn in Farmville.
Bloomberg posted an article: "Corn Prices Rally."
Tom Vilsack
Turkey sent Palestine a gift: Flotilla.
Joe Biden
Turkey flotilla ... sounds yummy!
Robert Gibbs
Al Gore and Tipper Gore untagged themselves in a photo:
Don't worry, Al, there are plenty of fish in the sea.
Al Gore
Not if oceans continue to acidify as we pump carbon into the atmosphere.
I give up.
Joe McGinniss joined the Alaska network.
Sarah Palin posted a note: "Wonder what kind of material he'll gather while overlooking Piper's bedroom, my little garden, and the family's swimming hole?"
Joe McGinniss
Well, so far, "Piper" appears to be a Teddy Ruxpin doll, you're growing man-eating plants, and your "swimming hole" is filled with blood.
House of Representatives posted a note: "Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
John McCain
Harry Reid
Compromise: You don't ask if there are any gays in the military, and we won't tell you.
John McCain
Dennis Hopper is really, really, really high right now.
The Washington Post posted an article: "Sheik Saeed al-Masri Killed in Pakistan by Deadly Drone."
Barack Obama
I think we've found our new weapon.
Al Gore
Happy to help.


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