Tax Day, FinReg, and the volcano in Iceland.
Tax Day, FinReg, and the volcano in Iceland.
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April 23 2010 3:04 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Tax Day, FinReg, and the volcano in Iceland.

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John Paul Stevens is retiring.
Barack Obama sent friend requests to Merrick Garland, Elena Kagan, and Diane Wood.
Mitch McConnell
We love, love, love, love, love Merrick Garland.
Barack Obama
OK, now I'm suspicious.
Gordon Brown, Nicolas Sarkozy, Angela Merkel, Dmitriy Medvedev, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Hu Jintao are attending the event Nuclear Summit.
Barack Obama
There is no greater threat to humanity. Except one.
Barack Obama created the event Summit on the KFC Double Down.
When: 2011
Chris Dodd posted a note: Regulatory Reform Bill.
Mitch McConnell
Chris Dodd
Um, the banks are self-insured.
Mitch McConnell
Chris Dodd
No, listen to me, the BANKS create the rescue fund.
Mitch McConnell
Chris Dodd
Is this an automated reply?
Mitch McConnell
America updated the list Things About Iceland.
1. Bad economy
2. Björk
3. Doesn't actually have ice, that's Greenland, ironically
4. Volcanoes
Robert Byrd is looking at photos of Eyjafjallajökull.
Harry Reid
Guys, Bob fell asleep on his keyboard again.
Tea Partier was tagged in a photo album:
Sam Adams
Jesus Christ.
Securities and Exchange Commission sent Goldman Sachs a gift: Lawsuit.
Barack Obama
There's one word for this kind of behavior: Indefensible.
Greg Craig joined the group Goldman Sachs Defense Team.
6 million people have watched the video John McCain Using an iPad.
Gizmodo posted a photo: New iPhone Found in Bar.
Steve Jobs
My fault. I was testing out my new liver.
Joe Biden was tagged in the video The View.
Harry Reid
Wow, no gaffes!
Robert Gibbs
We hired an impersonator.
Charlie Crist I will not run as an independent.
Charlie Crist I have no plans to run as an independent.
Charlie Crist I am an independent person, yes, and I do like independent films, and music, but I am not as of yet an independent candidate for Senate.
Charlie Crist OK fuck it.
Sarah Palin posted a note: "Earth Day: Why We're the Best Planet in Space."
New York Times Magazine posted an article: "Mike Allen Profile."
Mike Allen
EXCLUSIVE: Mike Allen Reax: "Nice." (Must Credit POLITICO)
Rahm Emanuel was tagged in a video: Rahm: "I want to be Mayor of Chicago."
Richard Daley
How much are you offering?
Sasha Obama added How to Train Your Dragon to her Favorite Movies.
Mitch McConnell

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