The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook Feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook Feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook Feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
March 15 2010 6:48 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Health care's final stretch, Eric Massa, and the fall of Scott Brown.

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Barack Obama updated the event Deadline for Health Care Reform.
March 18, 2010
My desk
John Boehner
Didn't that used to say 2009?
Barack Obama
Politico posted an article: "Senate Parliamentarian Says Senate Bill Must Pass House Before Corrections Bill Can Pass Through Reconciliation."
Mitch McConnell
Harry Reid
Mitch McConnell
Huh? This is good news for us.
Harry Reid
Fuck if I know anymore.
Barack Obama is donating his Nobel Prize money to charity.
The Nebraska Philanthropic Association thanks Barack Obama.
The Louisiana Organization of Good Causes thanks Barack Obama.
The Arkansas Important Stuff Consortium thanks Barack Obama.
The New York Association of Peace and Unity sent Barack Obama a friend request.
Barack Obama
Sorry, got those votes.
Wall Street Journal posted an article: "Rahmbo: White House Warrior."
The Washington Post posted an article: "The World According to Rahm: Don't Blame the Chief of Staff."
Time posted an article: "Rahm Emanuel: Guy in the White House."
Rahm Emanuel
Why the fuck is everyone talking about me like I'm Miley Cyrus blowing smack off Kate Moss' tits at Sean Penn's house on Easter Sunday?
David Axelrod
Because of … well…that.
Eric Massa is resigning because he has cancer.
Eric Massa is resigning because Democrats don't want him to vote against health care.
Eric Massa is resigning because he tickled a grown man once, OK? Like you haven't.
Nancy Pelosi
It's too soon to determine whether Rep. Massa violated the House ethics rules.
Eric Massa poked 11 people.
Nancy Pelosi
Okay I've seen enough.
Glenn Beck posted a video: "Interview With Eric Massa."
The group Glenn Beck Show Bookers has one fewer members.
Charles Rangel removed "Ways and Means Chairman" from his Education and Work information.
Charles Rangel
It's only until the 234 allegations against me are cleared.
Mitt Romney created the group I Was for Health Care Reform Before I Was Against It.
John Kerry
Great strategy!
The Republican National Committee posted a slide show: "How To Exploit Fear of Black People To Raise Money."
Michael Steele
I see a flaw in this
Someone posted "Lady Gaga: 'Telephone'" on Scott Brown's Wall.
Scott Brown wrote on his own wall: "Tina, cancel all my appointments."
Scott Brown signed off.
Harry Reid
It worked! Hurry, let's vote!
Patrick Kennedy is retiring to a van down by the river.
Dennis Kucinich is still against health care reform for being too conservative.
Nancy Pelosi
Dennis, be reasonable.
Dennis Kucinich
You know I believe in UFOs, right?
Charlie Crist sent Marco Rubio a gift: Back Wax
Marco Rubio sent Charlie Crist a gift: Chest hair
Joe Biden added Israel to the Places I've Been application.
Joe Biden
Challah back, woo woo!
Benjamin Netanyahu
Never gets old, does it?
Liz Cheney created the group Expose the Lawyers Who Defend Guantanamo Detainees!
Eric Holder
What disturbs me most about this is that Dick Cheney procreated.
GQ tagged Rielle Hunter in a photo.
Playboy, Penthouse, and added Rielle Hunter as a friend.

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