The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Feb. 5 2010 4:37 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

The State of the Union, the new budget, and Rahm Emanuel's very special apology.

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Barack Obama posted a video: State of the Union Address.
Steve Jobs posted a video: Introducing the iPad.
Pete Souza posted a photo: Obamacam, Take 1.
Pete Souza
Just don't turn your head or the camera falls off.
Joe Biden Hey Jill!
Robert Gibbs
Who let Joe bring his blackberry?
Barack Obama added Tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts! to his Interests.
Mitch McConnell
Don't patronize me.
Barack Obama added Health Care Reform Now! to his Causes.
Harry Reid
You heard him, Nancy. Get it done!
Nancy Pelosi
Me? YOU get it done!
John Boehner
Children. I'm sure we can work something out over the next several decades.
Barack Obama posted a note: "The Senate must overcome its partisan squabbling."
Mitch McConnell
Dammit, who crossed the aisle?
Jim Bunning
I like clicking the little thumb.
Sam Alito was tagged in a video: "That's not true."
Sam Alito
I was saying "Thad's hot, dude."
Thad Cochran
Well that's certainly true.
Bob McDonnell was tagged in a video: "Please Don't Let This Response Ruin My Career."
Bobby Jindal
Trust me, this will be huge for you.
Republicans invited Barack Obama to the event House Republican Retreat.
Barack Obama invited House Republicans to the event School.
Adm. Mike Mullen I personally support repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."
438 people suggested Adm. Mike Mullen download the Grindr application.
Adm. Mike Mullen Follow me at @thejointstaff, no homo.
John McCain This policy works, in my experience. Cindy doesn't ask, I don't tell.
The Associated Press posted an article: "Rahm Emanuel Calls Liberals 'Fucking Retarded.'"
Sarah Palin
Hey, my son is "fucking retarded."
Rahm Emanuel
That sucks.
Rahm Emanuel wrote on The Special Olympics' Wall: "I'm Sorry I Compared You to Liberals."
Peter Orszag posted a photo: 2011 Budget.
Peter Orszag
Blue line is spending. Black line is revenue. Red line is projected rate of American sexual enslavement by the Chinese.
Republicans posted a photo: Our 2011 Budget.
The Supreme Court posted a note: "Corporations are people, too."
Sam Walton
Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we're free at last.
Andrew Young posted a video: John Edwards Sex Tape.
Rielle Hunter
Hey, that's MY property to exploit for media attention and possible blackmail, not yours.
James O'Keefe posted the event Mock Assassination of President Obama..
Secret Service
You're under arrest.
James O'Keefe
Haha, psych, it was just a plastic gun! You should have seen the look on your faces!
Secret Service
Get in the car.
James O'Keefe joined the group Former Futures of the Republican Party.
Bobby Jindal
Newt Gingrich RIP J.D. Salinger.
Sarah Palin
Oh no! I loved "Tuesdays With Morrie."
Scott Brown joined the network Washington, D.C.
Amy Klobuchar, Lisa Murkowski, and Mary Landrieu updated their profile pictures.
Carly Fiorina posted a video: "Demon Sheep."
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences added "Demon Sheep" to its nominees for best short film (live action).
The Washington Post posted an article: "Snowstorm Shuts Down Washington."
Richard Shelby
Actually, that was me.


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