The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Jan. 22 2010 5:33 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Massachusetts, Haiti, and the Democrats' new plan.

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Martha Coakley is relaxing.
Harry Reid posted a note on Nancy Pelosi's Wall: "Senate Health Care Bill."
Nancy Pelosi
Needs work.
Harry Reid
No probs. We've got time.
Martha Coakley created the event Victory Party
Jan. 19
Haiti added Hell to the Places I've Been application.
The Associated Press posted an article: "Thousands still lack food, water."
Pat Robertson
The devil works in mysterious ways.
Scott Brown added trucks to his Interests.
Cosmopolitan tagged Scott Brown in a photo:
David Axelrod
Talk about internal polling.
Robert Gibbs
Rasmussen posted an article: "Poll: Brown narrows gap to 9 points."
Martha Coakley
Is that bad when the lines go together like that?
The Boston Herald posted an article: "BREAKING: Martha Coakley Shakes Hand."
Coakley for Senate created the group Marcia Cokeley for Senator of Massachusettes.
Martha Coakley posted a note: "I Enjoy Watching the Red Socks Sports Team."
Barack Obama tagged himself and Martha Coakley in a video: "It's Time for Change."
David Axelrod
Er, ixnay on the ange-chay ...
Coakley for Senate tagged Martha Coakley in a photo:
Scott Brown joined the group U.S. Senators.
Harry Reid was tagged in a photo:
Republicans tagged Democrats in a video: "Pants on the Ground."
Robert Gibbs became a fan of Xanax.
Scott Brown commented on Ayla Brown's relationship status.
Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck sent Ayla Brown a friend request.
Mitch McConnell posted on Harry Reid's Wall:
Mitch McConnell
Hey Reid, ask me what’s my favorite band
Harry Reid
What’s your favorite band?
Mitch McConnell
Sum 41.
Mitch McConnell posted on Harry Reid's Wall:
Mitch McConnell
Hey Reid, what do you get when you cross a female horse and a vacuum?
Harry Reid
What, Mitch?
Mitch McConnell
A filibuster!
Mitch McConnell posted on Harry Reid's Wall:
Mitch McConnell
Hey Reid, what’s the difference between you and a piece of pizza?
Harry Reid
Sigh, what?
Mitch McConnell
A piece of pizza isn’t fucked in the next election.
Rahm Emanuel posted a note on Rahm Emanuel's Wall: "Note to self: Look into shrinking Senate to 99."
Scott Brown I promise to carry on the Kennedy legacy.
Vicki Kennedy
The dream will never die!
The New York Times posted an article: "Obama Cuts Back Health Care Ambitions."
Vicki Kennedy
Oop, scratch that.
Jimmy O'Doyle is wicked sick. Thank God his state has universal health care.
John Edwards approved Frances Quinn Hunter as his daughter.
John Edwards is going to help out Haiti.
Actually, we’re good, thanks.
Politico posted an article: "Two Days Later, Still No Change. Time To Replace Brown?"
Democrats added trucks to their Interests.




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