Barack Obama's Facebook feed.

Barack Obama's Facebook feed.

Barack Obama's Facebook feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Dec. 18 2009 4:36 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Health care, Copenhagen, and Newsweek's Person of the Year.

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Harry Reid posted a note: The Public Option Is Dead.
Mitch McConnell
Harry Reid
So will you support the bill now?
Mitch McConnell
God no.
Harry Reid became a fan of Medicare Expansion.
Joe Lieberman
I dunno, guys.
CNN posted an article: "Gore/Lieberman 2000 Platform Included Medicare Expansion."
Joe Lieberman
That was different.
Connecticut Post posted a video: Joe Lieberman supporting Medicare Expansion, September 2009.
Joe Lieberman
It wasn't me.
MSNBC posted an article: "Strange Bedfellows: Howard Dean, John Boehner Cozy Up Behind Health Care Opposition."
CNN posted an article: "Marriage of Convenience: Bayh, Steele Get Friendly in Opposing Omnibus Spending Bill."
ABC posted an article: "D.C. Council Approves Gay Marriage."
Max Baucus, Kent Conrad, Jeff Bingaman, Chuck Grassley, Olympia Snowe, and Mike Enzi joined the group Gang of Six.
Russ Feingold, Jay Rockefeller, Tom Harkin, Sherrod Brown, Chuck Schumer, Mark Pryor, Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu, Ben Nelson, and Tom Carper joined the group Gang of Ten.
Joe Biden joined the group Gang Starr.
Robert Gibbs
Joe ...
Joe Biden
What? MC Guru invited me.
MC Guru
And we will get this legislation passed.
Tom Coburn created the event Bill-Reading Party.
The Senate.
As long as it takes.
Harry Reid and The Micro Machines Guy are now friends.
Micro Machines Guy
Sorry buddy, gave up crank in '97.
MSNBC posted an article: "Poll: Tea Party More Popular Than Democrats or GOP."
Glenn Beck joined the Iowa network.
The New York Daily News posted an article: "Just Plane Rude! Chuck Schumer Calls Flight Attendant a 'Bitch.' ”
Rahm Emanuel
That's all?
CNN posted a video: Barack Obama calls bankers “fat cats.”
David Gergen
Not very presidential.
Barack Obama
If the president does it, it's presidential.
The State posted an article: “S.C. Legislature Abandons Impeachment; Mark Sanford Gets Off Scot-Free.”
Jenny Sanford
Not quite..
Jenny Sanford sent Mark Sanford a gift: Divorce Papers.
Joe Biden What is this "sexting" I'm hearing all about?
Joe Biden Sen. Boxer, that was unnecessary.
Michael Steele was tagged in 4 photos:
RNC added Cameras to the list Items Banned Around the Chairman.
Newt Gingrich
Can we add “microphones” too?
Nancy Pelosi posted a note: "Regulatory Reform Passes House."
Harry Reid created the event Senate Debate on Regulatory Reform..
October 2011.
Time Magazine tagged Ben Bernanke in a photo: Person of the Year.
Newsweek tagged Jon Meacham in a photo: Person of the Year.
Guantanamo Bay Prisoners joined the Illinois network.
Rod Blagojevich joined the Guantanamo Bay network.
Dick Durbin
Fair trade.
Silvio Berlusconi was tagged in a photo.
Rahm Emanuel
You poke my wife? You poke my wife?
The New York Times posted an article: “Iran Nuclear Memo Puzzles Spy Agencies.”
Hillary Clinton
The United States will continue to take a hard line against any attempt to develop weapons of mass destruction.
PCWorld posted an article: “Iranian Cyber Army' Brings Down Twitter."
Hillary Clinton
This is war.
Joe Biden became a fan of Avatar.
Joe Biden posted a note on DARPA's Wall: My office, now.
Barack Obama added Copenhagen to the Places I've Been application.
Barack Obama was tagged in 15,000 photos.
Barack Obama
Mission accomplished.

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