The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest updates from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Nov. 23 2009 11:33 AM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Health care, Sarah Palin, and Khalid Sheikh Muhammad's iTunes playlist.

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CNN posted an article: "Republicans win in New Jersey and Virginia."
John Boehner
A referendum on Obama!
David Axelrod
Please. This was an isolated election based on local issues.
CNN posted an article: "Democrat wins New York."
David Axelrod
A referendum on Obama!
John Boehner
Please. This was an isolated election based on local issues.
Chris Christie posted a note on Jon Corzine's Wall: "See you next race!"
Jon Corzine
How about a 5K?
Creigh Deeds posted a note on Bob McDonnell's Wall: "Congrats on the win."
Bob McDonnell
Sorry, who is this?
John Allen Muhammad sent a friend request to the Supreme Court.
John Roberts
Yeah, no.
John Allen Muhammad signed off.
Nidal Malik Hasan added Allah, jihad, Pop Tarts, and smiting infidels to his Interests.
Hey check it out, this guy likes Pop Tarts!
Stanley McChrystal is waiting for an answer.
CNN posted an article: "Barack Obama nearing decision on troops for 23rd time."
Sarah Palin added Going Rogue to her Virtual Bookshelf.
Sarah Palin The McCain campaign charged me $50,000 for the campaign's vetting process.
Steve Schmidt
Trust me, if we had spent that much vetting you, none of this would have happened.
Sarah Palin posted a video: "Me on Oprah!"
Sarah Palin
I wasn't quitting. I was reloading.
Oprah Oprah is not quitting. She's reloading.
Andrew Sullivan is so disturbed by Sarah Palin's book that he's temporarily suspending blogging.
Joe Biden
I, too, am so disturbed that I am taking the day off.
Robert Gibbs
Not how it works.
Newsweek tagged Sarah Palin in a photo:
Sarah Palin
This is sexist. The media would never publish suggestive pictures of Barack Obama.
Huffington Post published a new album: Barack-genous Zones: 37 Pics of Our Hunky Prez.
Sarah Palin was invited to the event Dancing With the Stars.
Tom Delay
Go for it--great career move.
Sarah Palin
Sorry, who is this?
Nancy Pelosi posted a note: Health Care Bill.
Bart Stupak
Hey, can we add this one minor thing?
NARAL sent Nancy Pelosi a gift.
The Senate is debating a motion to proceed with debate for a motion to proceed to a vote.
CBO posted a note: "Health care reform saves money in the long run."
Joe Lieberman
I will filibuster because it doesn't save money.
No, it saves money. That’s the point.
Joe Lieberman
I will filibuster because it doesn't save money.
Barack Obama added Japan, China, and South Korea to the Places I've Been application.
CNN tagged Barack Obama in a photo:
Fox News posted an article: "Obama attempts to fellate Japanese prime minister."
Hu Jintao We are pleased to welcome Barack Obama to our great and happy country.
Barack Obama[Redacted]
Barack Obama added Tougher Sanctions Against Iran and No More Currency Fixing to his Wishlist.
Hu Jintao added That $800 Billion We Lent You and No More Currency Fixing to his Wishlist.
Politico posted an article: "Robert Byrd now longest serving lawmaker ever."
Robert Byrd
Robret Byrds o naewim i
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed added Empire State of Mind to his iTunes playlist.
Eric Holder
Make that on repeat, forever.
Department of Health and Human Services posted a note: "Mammograms to be scaled back."
Office of the Vice President posted a note: "CORRECTION: Mammograms to be replaced by personal inspections by Joe Biden."
Robert Gibbs


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