The latest from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest from Barack Obama's Facebook news feed.

The latest news from the president's profile.
Sept. 18 2009 5:06 PM

Barack Obama's Facebook Feed

Joe Wilson, Kanye West, and Rick Santorum's daunting task.

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Congress is back.
Barack Obama
Looking forward to having a constructive dialogue with all of you about the vital issues facing this nation.
Mitch McConnell
Same to you, socialist!
John Boehner
Yeah, can't wait to bankrupt hardworking Americans.
Barack Obama posted a video: Health Care Speech.
Joe Wilson
You lie!
150 million people joined the group Joe Wilson Is a Douchenozzle.
150 million people joined the group Joe Wilson Is an American Hero.
Rahm Emanuel sent Joe Wilson a gift: Brown paper bag.
Rahm Emanuel
Look inside.
Charles Boustany posted a note: Republican response to Obama.
David Axelrod
OK, cue Cougar Town.
CNN posted a video: Joe Wilson: I Am Very Sorry for What I Said.
Joe Wilson wrote on Barack Obama's Wall: I Apologize, Mr. President.
Joe Wilson posted a photo:
Nancy Pelosi
Not good enough.
The House of Representatives created the event Joe Wilson Public Spanking.
Joe Wilson just raised $1.1 million.
Rob Miller just raised $1.5 million.
CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News just raised $800 million.
Joseph C. Wilson changed his profile name to Not That Joe Wilson.
MTV sent Taylor Swift a gift: Video Music Award.
Kanye West
Taylor, congratulations on winning your award. You deserve it..
Taylor Swift
Why thanks, Kanye. How kind of you..
Terry Moran Obama called Kanye West a "jackass." Now THAT'S presidential.
Robert Gibbs
Oh please, no, don't show Obama as a relatable human being.
TMZ posted a clip: AUDIO: Barack Obama Calling Kanye West a "Jackass."
Robert Gibbs
Again? No, this is a disaster. Please stop.
CNN posted a video: EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama Calls Kanye West "Jackass."
Robert Gibbs
Do you want it in 3-D? Because we can do that.
Jimmy Carter Joe Wilson is a racist.
Jimmy Carter I must say, Kanye's interruption was awfully inappropriate.
Jimmy Carter The Vampire Diaries really is a terrific program.
Rahm Emanuel
I'm sorry, that's my limit. STFU.
Michael Jordan 5 People I love:

Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, and Michael Jordan
America is remembering.
Joe Biden
Knock, knock.
Robert Gibbs
Not a good time, Joe.
CNN posted an article: "Coast Guard Fires on Suspicious Boat in Potomac."
Robert Gibbs
That was a training exercise.
Dick Cheney
Training my sack. They took my sea bass!
Glenn Beck created the event 9/12 Project March on Washington.
Michael Steele
Sounds fun. What day is it?
Rush Limbaugh posted a video: Black Kids Beating Up White Kid on a Bus.
Rush Limbaugh
This is what happens in Obama's America.
Sean Hannity
Yeah. Since when do people of different races fight over bus seats?
Glenn Beck Obama has more czars than Communist Russia!
Newt Gingrich
Well, technically the czars held power in imperialist Russia.
Glenn Beck
This is why you don't have a TV show.
Max Baucus posted a note: America's Healthy Future Act.
Joe Biden
This bill is pretty good, and I'ma let you present it, but Beyoncé has ONE OF THE BEST HEALTH CARE PROPOSALS OF ALL TIME!!!
Robert Gibbs
OK, who showed Joe the Internet?
Politico posted an article: "Rick Santorum Pondering 2012 Bid."
Rick Santorum joined the cause Fix My Google Search.

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