Flight attendants play good cop, bad cop.

Politics on the road.
Dec. 14 2007 12:36 PM

Nasty and Nice

What I've learned about flight attendants this holiday season.

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Des Moines Airport, 9 p.m. CT. Des Moines is cold, dark, and snowy. My plane arrived two hours late because in the modern world, you must pay a penalty for flying. On almost every campaign trip this cycle my plane has been delayed, or my bag has been lost, or I've been sat in the last row where they keep the prisoners. If something didn't go wrong on a flight, I think a representative from the airlines would meet me at the gate to knee me in the groin.

Because I'm late, I won't be driving three hours to get in position to see Joe Biden tomorrow morning. Yes, Joe Biden. My colleagues on the flight mocked the idea of covering him because he's a blip in the polls, but after the orgy of Oprah coverage over the weekend, Biden seems like the perfect antidote. He has all that Washington experience that Oprah is trying to drive out of fashion. (permalink)