Obama and his crowds are very happy.

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Jan. 2 2008 5:27 PM

All Over but the Moonwalking

Obama and his crowds are very happy.

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On the Republican side, Rudy was the first out with a statement (the terrorist attack meshed perfectly with his new ad). McCain's response was to go a-boasting: "In my numerous visits to Pakistan—to Islamabad, to Peshawar, even to tribal areas of Waziristan—I have seen first hand the many challenges that face the political leadership there." If he had more money, he'd probably run an ad showing his passport stamps.

McCain is probably the one this helps the most, though not just because he has foreign policy experience and Giuliani doesn't. He's competing in the early caucus and primary states, which means he's in that news coverage—especially today, since he's in Iowa. Rudy is in Florida. (permalink)