Slate's remixed campaign ads.

Slate's remixed campaign ads.

Slate's remixed campaign ads.

Political ads dissected and explained.
Sept. 8 2006 7:59 PM

Fighting Video With Video

Slate's remixed campaign ads.

For many election cycles, Slate has sliced, diced, and dissed campaign commercials in our Damned Spot feature. Today, we unveil a new method of exposing the many tricks pols and their Svengalis use to persuade the masses: Damned Spot is now a video feature. Click on the player below to see what we're talking about.

This new format allows Slate's chief political correspondent, John Dickerson, to comment on the ads in real time, while you're watching them.


We'll be looking at (and remixing) many more campaign ads in the run-up to November's mid-term elections. We welcome your comments about this new feature. Send feedback to (e-mailers may be quoted by name unless they stipulate otherwise).

Click here to launch video

Click on the video screen to launch more Damned Spot videos.

Andy Bowers, the creator and executive producer of Slate podcasts, is the co-founder and chief content officer of Panoply.

John Dickerson is a co-anchor of CBS This Morning, co-host of the Slate Political Gabfest, host of the Whistlestop podcast, and author of Whistlestop and On Her Trail.

Jim Festante is an actor/writer in Los Angeles and regular video contributor to Slate. He is the author of the Image Comics miniseries The End Times of Bram and Ben.