Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
June 10 2011 7:08 AM


Red pen.

In a June 9 " XX Factor" blog post, KJ Dell'Antonia misspelled Arnold Schwarzenegger's surname.

In a June 8 " Double X," Noreen Malone misspelled Phyllis Schlafly's name. She also said that Joan Walsh and Eric Boehlert had implied that Dana Loesch and Andrew Breitbart did more to create the Weinergate scandal than just publishing photos. Loesch made this charge, but Boehlert and Walsh dispute it.


In a June 8 " Explainer," Brian Palmer suggested that the French government had banned reporters from using the words Facebook and Twitter altogether. In fact, reporters are permitted to use the company names, just not as generic references to social media.

In a June 7 " Culturebox," James M. Lundberg misstated the name of Union Maj. Sullivan Ballou's wife. It was Sarah, not Jenny.

In the June 6 " Books," Donald Worster misidentified the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway.

In the June 6 " Culturebox," Christopher Beam stated that the 2002 movie Ararat was released in 1992 and misidentified English director Ken Loach as an Irishman.


In the June 6 " Press Box," Jack Shafer misspelled  Mark Schlueb's last name.

In a June 3 " Jurisprudence," Dahlia Lithwick incorrectly stated that Indiana stood poised to lose $4 million in funds to its Medicaid program. The actual figure is $4 billion.

In the June 3 " Television, Troy Patterson incorrectly referred to wolves as being "vulpine." They are lupine.

In a June 3 " Press Box," Jack Shafer misspelled stripper Fanne Foxe's last name.

In the March 30, 2009, " Press Box," Jack Shafer misspelled Frederic Remington's first name.

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