Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
May 6 2011 7:09 AM


Red pen.

In a May 6 "DoubleX," Noreen Malone referred to the blog Needles and Sins as Sins and Needles.

In a May 6 "Politics," David Weigel identified Buddy Roemer as a former congressman and governor of Mississippi. He is from Louisiana.

In a May 5 "Sports Nut," Edward McClelland described Comma to the Top as a bay colt. He is a gelding.

In the May 4 " Politics," John Dickerson incorrectly described President Bush's 2004 poll numbers as being from 2003.

In the May 4 " Press Box," Jack Shafer misspelled the last name of Neda Salehi Agha Soltan.

In the May 3 " Jurisprudence," Simon Lazarus incorrectly referred to Rep. Paul Ryan's budget resolution, passed by the House in April. All such references should have been to Ryan's "Roadmap for America's Future," an earlier proposal that is more detailed than the budget resolution.

In a May 3 "XX Factor" post, K.J. Dell'Antonia misspelled the name of Atlanta law firm King & Spalding.

In the May 2 " Explainer," Brian Palmer incorrectly identified Yuri Andropov as Soviet premier in 1970. In fact, he was head of the KGB at that time, and did not become general secretary of the Communist Party until 1982.

In the May 2 " Politics," John Dickerson described Osama Bin Laden's compound as being "35 minutes outside Islamabad." It's 35 miles from the city but would require a considerably lengthier trip.

In the April 29, " Science," Brian Palmer noted that, in the development of written communication, individual characters eventually came to stand in for "letters" rather than syllables. To be more precise, individual characters came to stand in for the sounds with which modern speakers identify letters.

In an April 27 "XX Factor" post, K.J. Dell'Antonia misspelled the first name of Garry Trudeau.

In an April 26 "XX Factor" post, Jessica Grose misidentified the Beastie Boys album Licensed To Ill as License To Ill.

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