Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
April 8 2011 6:50 AM


Red pen.

In an April 7 "Movies," Dana Stevens misidentified Jason Winer as the sole creator of Modern Family. He is the show's co-executive producer.

Because of an editing error, the April 7 "Good Word" stated that pompon was an alteration of the word pompom, rather than vice versa. "Pompon" is the hypercorrect word. Also in the same article, author Ben Yagoda originally stated that prescriptivists have been fighting on behalf of the "original" sense of disinterested (meaning "impartial") for centuries. Actually the fight's been going on since about the middle of the 20th, and it's not quite accurate to call "impartial" the "original" sense of disinterested for reasons outlined in an update to the piece.


Because of an editing error, the April 6 "Palinism" incorrectly quoted Sarah Palin. She said "squirmish," not "skirmish."

In the April 6 "Politics," David Weigel misstated the percentage of poll respondents who said they would blame Republicans for a government shutdown as 40 percent. It was 37 percent.

In the April 6 "Sports Nut," Michael Agger misspelled the last name of writer Joe Posnanski. He also misnamed ESPN reporter Tom Rinaldi as "Tim" Rinaldi.

In an April 5 "Brow Beat" post, Nina Shen Rastogi and Katy Waldman incorrectly referred to Animal House's Bluto as a freshman pledge.


In an April 5 Slatest item, Sonia Van Gilder Cooke incorrectly identified House Speaker John Boehner as the House majority leader.

In the April 4 "Jurisprudence," Dahlia Lithwick mistakenly referred to Article II courts instead of Article III courts.

In the April 4 "Music Box," Jody Rosen misquoted the lyrics to the LCD Soundsystem soung "All My Friends."

In the April 4 "Politics," David Weigel misquoted a source, attorney  David Yerushalmi, as saying, "But wow many people have to suffer before we have to pass a prophylactic law?" He said, "But how many people have to suffer ...."


In the April 1 "Movies," Nathan Heller mistakenly referred to the character "the Flash" as Flash Gordon.

In a March 31 "Politics," David Weigel misidentified Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer as a Republican.

In the March 25 "DoubleX," Vinnie Rotondaro misidentified Georganne Rundblad as a professor at the University of Illinois-Urbana. She is a professor at Illinois Wesleyan University.

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