Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
March 25 2011 7:05 AM


Red pen.

In a March 24 "Slatest" item, Jessica Loudis identified Vivian Schiller as the target of a video by James O'Keefe and suggested that the controversy arose after NPR agreed to take money from an Islamist group. The video was of Ron Schiller, and it was his remarks about the Tea Party that were the source of controversy. The reference was removed.

In a March 24 "Slatest" item, Jessica Loudis incorrectly stated that Abdulmutallab "settled on Chicago." The alleged bomber decided to fly to Detroit.


In a March 24 "Slatest" item, Katy Waldman originally stated that Syrian protests took place in Damascus. They occurred about 60 miles south, in Dara.

In a March 23 "Politics," David Weigel mistakenly referred to the Sherman Antitrust Act of 1990. The landmark legislation was enacted in 1890.

In a March 23 "Sports Nut,"Brian Phillips originally and incorrectly claimed a supporters' group for the Rangers soccer club helped establish the Glasgow chapter of the KKK. While a song glorifying the Billy Boys did become a Rangers anthem, the early 20th-century gang was not affiliated with the soccer team.

In a March 23 "XX Factor" post, KJ Dell'Antonia misspelled the surnames of Elaine Sorensen and Rebecca Rogers.


In a March 22 "Politics," David Weigel wrote that the United States last declared war in 1941. The United States last officially declared war on June 5, 1942, against Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania.

In a March 21 "Brow Beat" post, Nina Shen Rastogi left off the last letter of the title of Howard Hughes' 1930 film, Hell's Angels.

In a March 21"Explainer," Brian Palmer incorrectly stated that a potassium iodide tablet contains seven times the recommended daily amount. It's 700 times.

In a March 21 "Technology," Jack Shafer incorrectly described the purchase by AT&T of T-Mobile as the merger of the Nos. 2 and 3 wireless carriers. The deal would combine the Nos. 2 and 4 wireless carriers.


In a March 21 "XX Factor" post, Heather Hurlburt misspelled Michèle Flournoy and left off the surname of Jane Holl Lute.

In the March 18 "Explainer," Julia Felsenthal incorrectly suggested that signing was not practiced in Europe in the period between the sixth century and the 17th century. In fact, signing was practiced along with other means of authenticating agreements during that time.

In a March 17 "Explainer," Jeremy Singer-Vine used an out-of-date estimate of an American's typical annual radiation dose. In 2009, that number was revised from 3.6 millisieverts to 6.2 millisieverts, an increase based primarily on additional medical-radiation exposures.

In a March 17 " Slatest"item, Katy Waldman stated that accessing content via a tablet app will cost "an extra $15 to $20" in addition to a $15 digital subscription. Access via a tablet app is simply $20 (which includes unlimited access to the site using a Web browser) and can be purchased independently of any other plan.

In a March 15 "Green Lantern," Brian Palmer misspelled the name of conservation biologist Resit Akcakaya.

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