Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
Dec. 3 2010 7:18 AM


In the Dec. 1 " Customer" slide show of reader-submitted artwork aimed at improving on the FDA's proposed graphics for new cigarette warning labels, Timothy Noah included a reader submission that turned out to be one of the FDA's own graphics. A reader alerted us to its ineligibility and the image was removed. In addition, Noah initially misspelled the name of reader Paul Caine and misidentified reader Talya Shachar-Albocher.

In another Dec. 1, "Customer," Timothy Noah stated, erroneously, that the premiums McDonald's charged for its "mini-med" health plans were $710, $1,332, and $1,947 in 2008, and that these premiums were likely higher today. These figures refer to current premium costs.


In a Dec. 1 "Dispatches" entry, Rose George originally provided an inaccurate pronunciation guide for Salalah, Oman.

In the Nov. 30 "Geezers," Liz Smith was described as having been fired from the New York Post at age 87. She was 86. In the accompanying chart, the ages of Vin Scully and Joe Paterno were incorrect. Scully turned 83 the day before the feature was published. Paterno won't be 84 until Dec. 21.

In the Nov. 30 "Green Lantern," Brian Palmer stated that a treadmill produces 110 tons of carbon dioxide annually. It's 110 pounds.

In a Nov. 30 "Moneybox," Annie Lowrey originally wrote that there are 14 members of the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. There are 18.


In the Nov. 30 "Press Box," Jack Shafer misspelled the last name of Monica Lewinsky.

A Nov. 30 "Slatest" item said that the Pentagon would try to prosecute WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The Pentagon cannot prosecute civilians.

In a photo caption accompanying a Nov. 29 "Dispatches," Rose George originally misstated the number of points on the star in the Maersk company logo.

In a Nov. 29 "DoubleX," Amanda Schaffer said that psychologist Geoffrey Cohen was based at the University of Colorado. He has moved to Stanford.


In a Nov. 29 "Politics," David Weigel stated that without Rep. Mike Castle, the new House majority would be "entirely pro-life." A handful of representatives serving in the next Congress have pro-choice records.

In the Nov. 26 "Jurisprudence," Dahlia Lithwick misspelled Hillary Clinton's first name.

In a Nov. 20 "XX Factor" post, Amanda Marcotte misspelled Michele Bachmann's first name.

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