Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
Oct. 22 2010 7:08 AM


In an Oct. 21 "Art" slide show, the Neue Galerie New York was incorrectly described as "the Neue Gallery."

In the Oct. 21 "Gallery" slide show, Julia Felsenthal incorrectly stated that Johnny Cash was arrested at the airport in El Paso, N.M. He was arrested at the airport in El Paso, Texas.


Due to an error introduced by the editor, in an Oct. 21 "Television" column, Phaedrus was originally presented as the Platonic dialogue, not the Roman fabulist.

In an Oct. 20 " Culturebox," Grady Hendrix misspelled the name of the Hindustan Times.

In the Oct. 19 "Sports Nut," Brian Phillips misspelled Hillary Clinton's first name.

In the Oct. 19 " Transport," Tom Vanderbilt misspelled the last name of British musician Max Bygraves.


In the Oct. 18 "DoubleX," Hanna Rosin incorrectly identified two women in a campaign ad as the teenage daughters of Florida gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink. One of the women in the picture is Sink herself.

In the Oct. 16 "Big Idea," Jacob Weisberg misidentified the Cato Institute as the Cato Foundation.

In the Oct. 14 "Movies," Dana Stevens incorrectly described scenes from the movie Red as taking place in Denver. The setting was Kansas City.

In the Oct. 5 "Green Lantern," Nina Shen Rastogi implied that when water sourced from a river flows down household drains, it is reused in the same water supply system. While the water stays in the same watershed, but is usually reused by other cities and farms downstream.

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