Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
March 12 2010 7:11 AM


Due to an editing error, the March 11 "Dear Prudence" column stated that Emily Yoffe would not host her live weekly chat with readers at on Monday, March 22, but would return on March 29. In fact, Yoffe will not chat on Monday, March 15, but will return on March 22.

In an item in the March 11 Slatest, Meredith Simons misidentified Republican Rep. Paul Ryan as a Democrat.


In the March 11 "Medical Examiner," Jennifer Austin incorrectly referred to John's Hopkins. It is Johns Hopkins.

Due to an editing error, a  March 10 "DoubleX" by Kathryn Joyce originally stated that between 45 million and 52 million U.S. women have abortions annually. That statistic is cumulative since 1973.

In the March 9 "DoubleX," a typo added an extra 0 to the result of a formula for predicting divorce.

In the March 9 "Medical Examiner," Zachary F. Meisel and Jesse M. Pines misstated the time frame of the nine Texas ER hyperusers' 2,700 visits. The visits took place over the course of six years, not one year.

In the March 9 "Moneybox," Daniel Gross referred to Medicare when he meant Medicaid.

In the March 5 "Prescriptions," Timothy Noah incorrectly described an improbable parliamentary maneuver to insert abortion language into the health care reconciliation bill, theorizing that Vice President Biden could ignore the parliamentarian's ruling on the matter, leading to a "point of order" vote. In the scenario, the point of order would likely result from Biden's ruling in favor of the parliamentarian.

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