Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
Aug. 21 2009 7:16 AM


In an Aug. 19 "Explainer," Brian Palmer misspelled the Italian word for baker.

In the Aug. 18 "Explainer," Brian Palmer omitted an apostrophe from the name Queen's University.

In the Aug. 18 "Green Lantern," Nina Shen Rastogi wrote that China would be reducing its sulfur dioxide emissions by 2.5 tons; the figure should have read 2.5 million tons.


In the Aug. 18 "Other Magazines," Sonia Smith misstated Annie Leibovitz's age. It is 59, not 49.

In the Aug. 17 "Transport," Tom Vanderbilt wrote that Pittsburgh might require one bike parking space for every 20,000 feet of development. The measure should have been 20,000 square feet.

In the Aug. 17 "Culturebox," Kim Gittleson misnamed the serial killer in an episode of Dexter. The killer is the Bay Harbor Butcher, not the Bay Area Butcher.

In the Aug. 17 "Music Box," Fred Kaplan misstated the number of notes in a scale. He originally stated that a scale consists of 12 notes, which is true for chromatic scales (scales with all the notes—natural, flat, and sharp), but because the type of scales in question were those that sound different from one another (meaning they include at least some different notes), this can be true only of scales with eight tones or eight notes.


In the Aug. 14 "Family," Emily Bazelon misspelled the pen name O. Henry.

An Aug. 14 "Jurisprudence" mentioned a detainee at Guantanamo Bay named Mohammed Jawad. A photograph of a different man, named Mohammed Jawad Amjad, originally accompanied the article. The photograph was removed.

In the Aug. 14 "Movies," Dana Stevens stated that Hailey and Tatum McCann are twins. They are sisters but not twins.

In the Aug. 13 "Prescriptions," Meredith Simons mistakenly implied that calculations of her own about the total yearly cost of abortions in the United States were supplied by the Guttmacher Institute. The article also incorrectly stated that $247 million in donations for abortion services in 2007 went to American abortion providers; the correct figure is $63.7 million, and the money went toward abortion-related programs in general, not strictly to abortion procedures.

In the Aug. 11 "Green Lantern," Nina Shen Rastogi stated that zinc oxide and titanium dioxide physically reflect UV rays, rather than absorbing them as chemical sunscreens do. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide both reflect and absorb UV rays.

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