Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
June 13 2008 8:08 AM


In the June 11 "Explainer," Chris Wilson stated that third-generation mobile systems use code-divided technology and implied that all second-generation systems use time-divided technology. While the dominant 3G systems in the United States are both code-divided, there are a variety of technologies classified as 3G. Additionally, the piece stated that CDs have a higher sound quality than records. Many argue that high-quality records can be of superior quality to digital recordings.

In the June 11 "Moneybox," James Ledbetter incorrectly stated that Martha Stewart products have been selling at Kmart since 2003. They have been selling since 1997. The royalty arrangement was renegotiated in 2004.


In the June 10 "Green Lantern," Brendan I. Koerner incorrectly referred to the World Wildlife Fund as the World Wildlife Federation.

In the June 10 "Today's Pictures" gallery, Magnum Photos incorrectly wrote that La Higuera is in Cuba. It is in Bolivia.

In the June 10 "War Stories," Fred Kaplan incorrectly referred to Iraq's aluminum tubes as uranium tubes.

In the June 9 "Explainer," diesel fuel was incorrectly described as a kind of gasoline. The error was introduced during the editing process.


In the June 9 "Politics," Jeff Greenfield stated that water would not boil at 98 degrees Celsius. The standard boiling point (100 degrees Celsius) is calculated at sea level; at higher elevations, it is possible to boil water at lower temperatures.

In a June 8 "Today's Papers," Lydia DePillis incorrectly referred to catering for allergic Americans as a $3.9 million industry. It is a $3.9 billion industry.

In a June 7 "Convictions" post, Richard Ford misstated the title of the book Bodies That Matter.

In the June 7 "Today's Papers," a copy editor introduced a misspelling of the abbreviation NASDAQ.


In a June 7 "XX Factor" post, Hanna Rosin mistakenly wrote that 50 women have orbited "space." She meant to write "Earth."

In the June 4 "Dispatches," Manuela Zoninsein understated the market capitalization of New Oriental and inaccurately referred to the city of Xi'an as a province.

In the June 4 "Well-Traveled" entry, Elisabeth Eaves incorrectly referred to termites as ants.

In the June 3 "Explainer," Juliet Lapidos wrote that marriage between first cousins is legal in a "handful" of states. The practice is legal, or legal under certain circumstances, in more than 20 states.

In the May 25 "Today's Papers," David Sessions improperly accused the New York Times of editorializing in its story on judge selection methods and incorrectly attributed a quote from a source in the Times story to the author.

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