Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
April 25 2008 10:38 AM


In the April 21 "Moneybox," Dan Gross misspelled the name of Amanda Clardy.

In an April 21 "Trailhead," Chadwick Matlin incorrectly stated that a headline Hillary Clinton used in a recent ad hinted at JFK's handling of the Vietnam War. It actually referred to the Berlin Crisis. The post made invalid conclusions based on the error.


In the April 18 "Chatterbox," Timothy Noah wrote that Unity Mitford killed herself with a pistol when Britain declared war on Germany. Mitford survived the suicide attempt, albeit with extensive brain damage, and lived nine years more.

In the April 16 "Explainer," Chris Wilson originally stated that beneficiaries of a life insurance policy must be dependent on the person whose life is insured. It is the owner of the policy who must be dependent on the insured person.

In the April 15 "Medical Examiner," Darshak Sanghavi incorrectly stated that no sunscreen blocks UV-A radiation. Some products contain small amounts of zinc oxide and other ingredients that do block a small amount of UV-A.

In a 2006 "A Fine Whine" and a 2007 "Recycled," Melonyce McAfee mistakenly implied that Administrative Professionals Day is always celebrated on April 26. It is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week in April.

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