Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
March 7 2008 7:29 AM


In the March 6 "Election Scorecard," Chadwick Matlin mistakenly included Vermont instead of New Hampshire in a list of states Barack Obama would likely win in the general election, according to SurveyUSA.

In the March 5 "Explainer," Chris Wilson incorrectly stated that by the 1990s, members of the Marine Corps were described as "jarheads" because of their buzz haircuts. The term has been used since at least World War II, perhaps in reference to the Marines' high-collared blue dress uniforms, which looked a bit like Mason jars made of blue glass.


In the March 4 "Explainer," Juliet Lapidos stated that the Latin word vixi is the past tense of to leave. It's actually the past tense of to live.

In the caption for a photograph that accompanied the March 3 "Dispatches," Joshua Kucera originally misidentified miniature rawaps (a traditional Uighur lute) as miniature duduks.

In the March 2 "Today's Papers," Lydia DePillis originally cited a report from an unnamed source who told newspapers that troop withdrawals in Iraq would begin in July. The alleged withdrawal plan would extend to the end of the year and pause in July for provincial elections.

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