Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
Feb. 8 2008 11:56 AM


In the Feb. 7 "Dispatches," Josh Patner incorrectly referred to Angelo Donghia as Angela Donghia.

In the Feb. 5"Jurisprudence," Richard Hasen incorrectly gave big-city mayors as an example of Democratic Party superdelegates. Mayors are not, in fact, automatically superdelegates.


In the Feb. 5 "Trailhead" and "Election Scorecard," Chadwick Matlin misstated that California exit poll data included only surveys of voters at polling stations on the day of the primary. In actuality, a telephone poll was conducted to include residents who voted by mail. Those results were then incorporated into the exit poll data.

In the Feb. 4 "Ad Report Card," Seth Stevenson misspelled Jim Breuer's name. He also mistakenly wrote that the Planters ugly-woman Super Bowl ad was for peanuts; it was for cashews. And he wrote that Baby Bob once hawked Subway sandwiches; Baby Bob actually shilled for Quiznos.

In the Feb. 2 "ReadMe," Michael Kinsley said that when Reagan left office, taxes were $999 billion. The correct number is $991 billion.

In the Jan. 31 "Map the Candidates," Chadwick Matlin misstated that all of the candidates were east of the Mississippi River for the first time. They were all on the West Coast, therefore placing them west of the Mississippi.

In the Feb. 7, 2005, "Fashion," Josh Patner spelled São Paulo incorrectly.

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