Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
Oct. 19 2007 10:10 AM


In the Oct. 19 "Dismal Science," Ray Fisman incorrectly stated that Unilever is German. It is a multinational company with Anglo-Dutch roots.


In an Oct. 17 "Trailhead" post, Chadwick Matlin erroneously wrote that Dr. Jack Shepard was convicted and sentenced to eight months in jail for selling narcotics. A judge ruled that he had violated his parole and convicted him of illegally possessing narcotics.

Due to an editing error in an Oct. 14 "Jurisprudence," Clonazepam and valium were initially listed as opium-based drugs rather than marijuana substitutes and mistakenly characterized as opium-based rather than opioid-based.

In the Oct. 14 "Today's Papers," Barron YoungSmith mistakenly identified Iran's supreme leader as Ayatollah Khomeini. He is Ayatollah Khamenei.

In the Oct. 12 "Movies," Dana Stevens originally identified the sex doll as half-Brazilian, half-Dutch, when in fact it is half-Brazilian, half-Danish.

In the Oct. 10 "Press Box," Jack Shafer gave the wrong date for the Republican National Convention in San Francisco. The Republicans met there in 1964, not 1960 as he wrote.

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