Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
July 13 2007 11:33 AM


In the July 13 "Highbrow" Meghan O'Rourke originally misspelled the Croc model Sassari.

In the July 13 " Recycled," Alex Benenson originally misstated the gradients of two stages of the Tour de France.


In the July 11 "Hot Documents," Bonnie Goldstein wrote that a new David Beckham commercial had not yet been released. ESPN had already begun airing the commercial by the time the article was posted.

Due to an editing error, the July 10 "Today's Blogs" incorrectly stated that Bill Proenza resigned from the National Hurricane Center. He went on leave.

In the July 10 "Well-Traveled," Elisabeth Eaves originally incorrectly identified a plane whose wreck she dived to as a B-52. It was a B-25.

In a July 9 "Summary Judgment" item, Blake Wilson mistakenly attributed a quote from the Hollywood Reporter to the Associated Press.

In the July 5 "Architecture," Witold Rybczynski originally stated that the bodywork of the Tatra T87 also influenced the design of the Chrysler Airflow. It was the predecessor to the Tatra T87, the T77, that influenced the Chrysler Airflow.

In the June 15 "Drink," Mike Steinberger stated incorrectly that Alex Hunt's article "The Foundations of Flavour" was published in 2004. It was published in 2005.

In the June 13 "Today's Blogs," Michael Weiss misattributed a quote by blogger Lingual X of Lingual Tremors to Nikki Giovanni.

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