Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
May 4 2007 7:37 AM


In the May 3 "Books," Jonathan Weiner miscalculated the upcoming anniversaries of Charles Darwin and his book, On the Origin of Species. In 2009, Origin will turn 150; Darwin would have been 200.

In the May 3 "Jurisprudence," Emily Bazelon said that a quotation was by Edmund Burke. The quotation is often attributed to Burke but does not appear in his writings or speeches and likely paraphrases his views.


In the May 2 "Blogging the Bible," David Plotz mistakenly called Haman by Mordecai's name in the Chapter 4 through Chapter 6 passage.

In the May 2 "Politics," John Dickerson originally misspelled the last name of the author of the James Bond novels.

In the May 1 "Explainer," Torie Bosch incorrectly stated that a study showed cows have "regional accents." That "study" is a now-debunked PR stunt. She also misspelled Steven Weinberger's first name.

In an April 30 "TV Club" entry, Timothy Noah misspelled Sydney Pollack's name.

In the April 27 "Explainer," Melonyce McAfee incorrectly stated that the founders of online gambling site Bodog were arrested in January. The founder was not arrested. The article also stated that Bodog is based in Costa Rica. The company has relocated to Antigua.

In the April 26  " Jurisprudence," Scott Jacobs misstated the name of the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

In the April 23 " Explainer," Michelle Tsai suggested the Roman Catholic Church believes it can never be wrong. The church considers itself to be guided by the Holy Spirit as it develops its doctrines.

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