Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
March 23 2007 11:25 AM


Due to an editing error in the March 22 "Today's Blogs," the article originally stated that Elizabeth Edwards had been diagnosed with bone cancer. Edwards actually has had a recurrence of breast cancer.

In the March 21 "Explainer," Christopher Beam mistakenly stated that olfactory receptors are located on the olfactory bulbs instead of near them.


In the March 21 "Hot Document," Bonnie Goldstein misstated the population of Nampa, Idaho. It's 78,000, not 7,800.

In the March 21" Jurisprudence," Scott Jacobs misspelled the name of La Grenouille restaurant.

In the March 20 "Culturebox," Josh Levin incorrectly described the Smokey Bear poster that appears in Slide No. 6. The poster is from the late 1940s, not the late 1950s. Also, the poster reads "Hold 'til it's cold ... prevent forest fires" rather than "Only you can prevent forest fires."

In the March 20 "Deathwatch," Emily Bazelon, John Dickerson, and Dahlia Lithwick originally and incorrectly described the "odds" of Gonzales' departure as 55 percent. The odds would be 55:45.


In a March 19 "Explainer," Michelle Tsai wrongly suggested that the pet-food ingredient "chicken meal" contains animal heads and organs. Only "chicken byproduct meal" includes those parts.

In the March 19 "Supreme Court Dispatches," Dahlia Lithwick misspelled the name of her favorite band "Hanson" as "Hansen."

In a March 16 "Clive’s Lives," Clive James originally gave the wrong date for the Austrian writer Alfred Polgar's death. He died in 1955.

In the March 16 "Moneybox" Daniel Gross originally described Life as a Sunday newspaper insert. It is officially published on Friday, and though some papers distribute it on Saturday and Sunday, most distribute it on Friday.

In the March 15 "Explainer," Christopher Beam mistakenly stated that Lt. Kelly Flinn was dismissed for refusing to cut off a relationship with a subordinate. It was a relationship with the husband of a subordinate. He also mistakenly stated that the Fifth Amendment guarantees trial by jury.

In the March 14 "Highbrow," Meghan O'Rourke incorrectly identified Bob Weil as editor in chief of W.W. Norton. He is executive editor.

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