Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
Dec. 8 2006 11:23 AM


In the Dec. 7 "Video" article, Andy Bowers referred to Tom Vilsack as the former governor of Iowa. Vilsack leaves office in January 2007.

Due to an editing error, the Dec. 5 "Medical Examiner" referred to RU-486, or mifepristone, as the morning-after pill. Though RU-486 at a low dose has been used for that purpose, the "morning-after pill" usually refers to birth-control pills taken in high doses after unprotected sex. Here's more.


In the Dec. 5 "War Stories," Fred Kaplan originally misidentified the senator who asked Robert Gates if he favored a return to the military draft. It was Bill Nelson, D-Fla., not Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C.

In the Dec. 4 "Chatterbox," Timothy Noah misstated the name of a Toronto newspaper that he quoted from. It was the TorontoStar, not the Toronto Post. There is no Toronto Post.

Due to an editing error, the Dec. 4 "ReadMe" mistakenly referred to Staff Sgt. Lincoln Hollinsaid as Lincoln Hollin.

In the Dec. 4 "Supreme Court Dispatches," Dahlia Lithwick mistakenly identified an attorney as Harvey Korrell. His name is Harry Korrell.

In the Dec. 4 "Today's Papers," Daniel Politi incorrectly stated that Gene Robinson, a gay bishop, was appointed. Robinson was elected by the New Hampshire diocese, and his election was ratified by the House of Bishops.

The Nov. 21 "Culturebox" by Paul Collins incorrectly stated that The Conchologist's First Book was Poe's first book. Tamerlane and Other Poems (1827) was Poe's first book. The Conchologist was Poe's only book to go into a second edition during his lifetime.