Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
May 12 2006 10:36 AM


In a May 11 "The Dilettante," Stephen Metcalf incorrectly stated that the new documentary Giuliani Time was created by production company behind Outfoxed and Uncovered. This is not the case, though Giuliani Time and Uncovered were both distributed by Cinema Libre Studio.


In the May 10 entry of "Well-Traveled: West End Story,"June Thomasmisidentified the authorship of the musical version of The Harder They Come playing at the Theatre Royal Stratford East. The show was produced and directed by Perry Henzell and co-written by Henzell and Trevor Rhone.

In a May 10 "Dispatches," Kim Masters misspelled the name of Tom Cruise's publicist, Paul Bloch.

In a May 9 "Science," Christopher Frayling initially misstated the name of an epic poem by Goethe. It is called "Faust," not "Dr. Faustus." Also, due to a misidentification by Zuma Press, a photo credit originally identified the movie pictured as Frankenstein. In fact, the image is from The House of Frankenstein (1944).

In a May 6 "Jurisprudence," Dahlia Lithwick suggested that a new Innocence Project study revealed that a Texas man executed by lethal injection was conclusively innocent. The study suggests that he may have been innocent.

In a May 6 "Today's Papers," Michael Brus incorrectly stated that a reporter on All Things Considered referred to Maoist forces in Tibet as "insurgents." The reporter was referring to Maoist forces in Nepal.

In a May 5, "Sports Nut," Tommy Craggs incorrectly stated that the Breeders' Cup Classic is open to "horses older than 3." The race is open to 3-year-olds and up.

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