Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Corrections from the last week.

Slate's mistakes.
Sept. 16 2005 12:24 PM


In the Sept. 16 "Foreigners," Scott MacMillan misnamed Fintan O'Toole as "Fintal O'Toole.


In the Sept. 15 "Gist," Brendan I. Koerner reported that the University of Connecticut Health Center is in Storrs, Conn. It's actually in Farmington.

In a Sept. 14 "Jurisprudence," Dahlia Lithwick misnamed Dianne Feinstein as "Barbara Feinstein."

In a Sept. 13 "Book Blitz," Stephen Metcalf misspelled the name Phileas Fogg—the principal character in Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days, to whom Zadie Smith alludes in a passage quoted in the article.

In the Sept. 13 "Explainer," Dan Engber misspelled the name of former Attorney General Edward Levi.


In a Sept. 13 "Politics," John Dickerson originally and incorrectly promoted Harry Reid, D-Nev., to Majority Leader. He is the Minority Leader. Bill Frist, R-Tenn., is the Senate Majority Leader.

In the Sept. 13 "Press Box," Jack Shafer mistakenly stated that the Supreme Court bans audio recordings of its proceedings. The court itself has recorded oral arguments since 1955 but bans observers from recording.

In the Sept. 12 "Explainer," Daniel Engber implied that Louisiana law students can choose to study common law in addition to required classes on the Louisiana Civil Code. Many law students in the state choose to focus on common law instead of the Louisiana code.

In the Sept. 12 "Today’s Papers," Emily Biuso incorrectly referred to Tal Afar as a neighborhood in Baghdad. Tal Afar is a city in northwestern Iraq.


In the Sept. 10 "Today’s Papers," Telis Demos stated that "the press may be barred" from New Orleans. In fact, FEMA and some military leaders attempted to block the press from witnessing mass corpse recoveries.

In the Sept. 6 "Surfergirl," Dana Stevens erroneously stated that Bob Denver was "drafted for the Vietnam War." He was drafted in 1959, which was several years before the United States became fully involved in the prosecution of the war.

In "In Other Magazines" for the week of Aug. 29, Zuzanna Kobrzynski misidentified the author of a Weekly Standard article as Irving Stelzer. His name is Irwin Stelzer.

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